All are desperate way out will be hidden

All are desperate way out will hide his Qiaosen Lin was born in Thornton, New Hampshire region of barren piece of land.His birth, seems to mean misery and bitterness tasted in the world.3-year-old mother, 7-year-old death of his father, childhood laughter had not yet revealed his throat, he became unaccompanied, lonely child.    The fate of all the misfortune pressure on his weak shoulders.To survive, he had to make more and arduous struggle in the mountains than the average child.He first depend on others in order to live, despite working more than 14 hours a day, we still have enough to eat.No one wants to be with him, nor had he has friends.He had every day life is at the same time non-stop work, masters and children endure taunts and abuse.    To disengage the hardships of life, in order to let your body is no longer subjected to violence, he has followed the five masters, but unfortunately, the situation did not improved.    In his 14-year-old late at night, he decided to make a breakthrough, to completely get rid of this type of slave life.So, on a sunny Sunday morning, he fled in panic.After Dianpei long time, he finally found a job in a sawmill.No intention to ask, he got an inspirational book called “save his own” at work, he thought, he is also a career may.He suddenly realized the importance of knowledge, so seize the opportunity of a hundred can read assiduously.    And other children is different is that his school experience was unbearable distress Marathon.His side work, side by meager income and off to school.Read from 14 to 23 years old, he finally entered college.    He knows how all this hard-won.Therefore, he would not miss a chance to learn.Even, in order to force yourself to study hard, he returned to his formulated a series of demanding study program.Nine years later, when their peers as being badly beaten busy career, he has successfully won the Boston University degree, Ola Toledo would bachelor’s degree, master’s degree from Boston University, a doctorate from Harvard Medical School, Boston and Bachelor of Law, University of.    At the same time pursue multiple degrees did not affect his income.The eve of graduation, he has accumulated $ 20,000 to prepare for entrepreneurship.17 years later, 40 years old, he became a pivotal in the hotel industry tycoon.    At high noon when business was flourishing, natural disasters one after another.Successive years of drought resulting in recession, decline, even worse is that for him is extremely important to the hotel, were razed in a fire in a field unknown to the ground.It devoted its more than 5,000-page manuscript of a lifetime of hard work, but also the fire disappeared.    He did not give in, despite debt.He will never change with the dream came to Boston, he began writing successful aspects of school.Than ever before, this time he is more qualified to join this noble cause.Miserable childhood, decades of struggle career, the legendary life experiences had made him stand on the highest point of life, it has been thrown into the trough.Therefore, the fate of suffering, so he has a wealth of perceptive different from ordinary people.    In mid-1894, in the depths of his soul silence 30-year dream finally came true.Their debut “great inspirational book” was an unprecedented huge success, it reprinted 11 times within a year.As of mid-1905, sold only in Japan, a country to break the one million.    Three years later, he founded the “success” magazine, also was a huge success.Single copies circulation magazines over 300,000, has a staff of 200.But fate likes to tease him to be, in mid-1911, “Success” magazine produced due to internal division, offend the powerful and the defendant in court, but unfortunately ceased publication.His fate was again thrown from the peak to the bottom, debt.    He still had to give up, once again within 7 years later founded the “new success” magazine.At the moment, he is already 77 years old.Until six years after his passing away, the magazine also affects.    Ten million million loyal readers.    This is the largest on Orison Marden recognized worldwide success of the founder of American history and the success of inspirational mentor, father of Success.    If someone wants to explore the secrets of success Orison Marden, then I think the answer must be because he knows better than anyone, all desperate edge of the cliff, are inevitably leading to a hidden way out bright.