Alive, you have to have material

I think the most important ability is to train his brain, hold things inside the brain, the brain has the ability to think, his conversation has a height level, this is the people, otherwise, just beautiful animals not smart people.So I earnestly repeated propaganda in my shows and programs, to make our brain is able to take off.In fact, this take-off has two levels: one is when you see something abstract, you should try to make it specific, conversely, when you see something specific, you should try it become abstract.Words like against themselves, in fact, I think the important principle of knowledge, like a schoolboy, he is not good math, teacher once asked him to come up with answers to a question, he answers do not come out, but he asked the teacher saying: Why so many chickens and rabbits in a cage, we also angered much trouble to count it?Do not laugh at this primary school, he has a good ability to think, to say: why bring these abstract things, these complex abstract mathematical concepts to haunt him?His concept is concrete, is a living chicken, rabbit living.You put together the chicken and rabbit, he will ask: What does it mean?Why bother?Cite this example to tell you, in my opinion, not of reading that is nerd, not ability.When I was forty years old, a Hong Kong magazine published an article that Li Ao is inside forty Chinese people the most people reading.Although there are no statistics, I think they put too pretty close, I was reading most of the people.Most people read the book more than one tenth as long as I have, it becomes a nerd, but I read so many books, not become a bookworm.The purpose of reading is to understand human reason, but not of much study, it is better not to read.A black American singer called marryanderson, once she went to a small town to sing, after the show, a girl came to tell her: There is a special friend like you, unfortunately she was in a small hotel on duty inside today, unable to leave listen to your song, very sorry.After listening to Anderson asked the sentence: Which she Pensions ah?She asked the driver to drive to a small hotel that door, she sang on the TV drama small hotel next to a car, then turned back into the car and left.That means: In this town, in that small hotel, there is a girl for me so worship tonight regret not to hear me sing, I will sing a song for her to go alone.I know the story later, life did not forget.Let me give an example.Margaret Thatcher once a dinner party at his official residence inside a waitress holding a soup and give each person a.Pengdao front of the Minister of the Interior, which accidentally spilled a bowl of soup, clothes and fell to the top of the Home Secretary, the results clothes dirty, the Home Secretary has also been hot.This time sold-out people feel very unexpected.Margaret Thatcher quickly ran over, grabbed her first reaction was this girl trouble, beat her shoulder to comfort her, saying: Honey, this error will occur every one of us, do not be sad.First she comforted the girl before going to the Home Secretary condolences.Did not give her time to think, when the reaction is to this, her first reaction is so great, so considerate.She knew that was the most embarrassed of the most sad is that this girl, so to encourage her, to comfort her, which is more than the home secretary burns, dirty clothes are important.This is what I call human sophistication that article.Please note, Margaret Thatcher, singer Anderson, who never read the classics, but not a text, but understand that virtue and morality.