Alive, we must continue to go

Alive, we must continue to go Text / passes like the sky is deep, thoughtful caused countless philosophers; life is ethereal, but real.To live is to toss these words has its truth.Look at how you toss a law, toss well, you can become a Buddha do ancestors, toss bad, is Daoshanhuohai.Everyone living in the sun, have their place, has a unique way of life, one can find a shrine clofarabine may his soul, there is a flicker of life in a beautiful landscape own.A person, as if like a turtle, huddled head Chiaki doing big dream, and occasionally one or two back to back, although harmless, Pa Zhipa a dream not dead consciousness, so it goes live a hundred years, what with the live another day the difference?Plum Plum own charm, its own Apricot Apricot Liz, you do not have to ignore other people’s gossip.Whether you are a beautiful ice sculptures, ice floes or white, as long as you stand on their own position, constantly enrich the connotation show your inner world, you will be able to give pale around to be beautiful, to the days of vulgar poetry. fresh air to dull.    Spectacular pine, willow of chic, the beauty of bamboo, are showing brilliant life on their own piece of land.Through numerous heavy siege between man and life.Some people see the multicolored bubble outside world, desperately want to go out, can in the end, saw nothing but a mirage.You are more likely to hurry to catch the opportunity in front of the bright road, he lost the beautiful views of the street, the Jade.Life is a process, in this process, opportunities and challenges, advances and retreats, loss and gain, rich and poor, wisdom and folly, honor and disgrace, strong and weak, just the soft, hard and the easy, yes or no, life and death, victory and defeat, all sorts of conflicts intersection transformation.Life is to learn to control himself, not pleased, not to have compassion, always sailing toward our stated goals in the ocean of life.Everyone should own every day as a creation of self, honestly manifests itself in this creation, and this day as a day can not be repeated, can not hold a copy of this day have a good mood, if so, then you are a creator, but a creator of life.In fact, there are a lot of frustration in life, after all, fame and fortune can not be buried in a pile of neglected cemetery.I want to give up the blue sky, the vast sea, beautiful flowers, but no a few times but they are rising as a shiny golden light in my mind.Brilliant flowers bloom again, there is no presence of bees and butterflies, it will eventually fall into oblivion ground into mud.Life Without sunshine, rain moisture, will seem sadly minimalist.    In fact, people’s lives are constantly traveling, who do not know where to go next, but always in search of a dream landscape.Some have lost is inevitable, day to day ice Piao, the vanished flowers rivalry, Ziyan Chuan Lin; people Buhuozhinian, and too few young imagination, youthful romantic, since it is impossible to resist, to shun its natural to go, so that life becomes open-minded, free and easy and calm.However, in life not everyone can talk sense to the lost.Sail, but I do not know where the other side, where the destination?Perhaps this is the life.Do not ignore the pursuit of purpose and process, in fact, that is the purpose of the process.In the hope that the confusion in you can see a trace of light, so my goal is achieved.潇洒走一回, easier said than done, not only for their own people alive.Just as Yu Quan songs I sing it: we are all human miracle.Sometimes not even want to wake up.An early age, I knew that no matter how good things will eventually be gone.That picture memories, memories of the past, in time come to an end, we will regret heartache.But after all we’ve ever had, enjoyed.In fact, life has always been like this.Wake up and have a big gap between reality.The total fantasy future does not appear, throwing cast nets swaying in the wind, you want the stars still so far away.We enjoy the sun at the same time ignore the sun’s light is not behind.We often want those things or tragic or dramatic happens in our lives, but our life time to move only slowly Mirage.Along the way, only shed sweat, had told myself not allowed to cry.Covering the setting sun trek pace, sweat blurring the clear eyes, years away Homecoming, I grew up, mature day by day, again and again deny their own childish, once again broken no regrets.    Shen month that the rising life in the city, doing rising and sinking dream.We are young, love fantasy.In a dream we crafted, everything is beautiful.People in life, to be thankful, contentment, dedicated to take a good course in life.Even without deep blue sky, white clouds can also have elegant; even without the magnificence of the sea, they can have an elegant creek; even if there is no wilderness fragrance, can have green grass.Everyone in life, there is no spectator seats, always have their place, their source, their own voice, their own landscape.Trials and hardships, baby’s breath for himself the way, the wind came just want to ask, why rain is born.Splendid Star, which in the end was a carved their past fate.Why too much rain, too much haze, no significant stars, no one knows the answer, this is life.Only while walking side with the heart, to recognize the cruelty of life, true, plain and yet so beautiful.Looking back, the picture of the past such as the passage of the web.Those who have familiar faces, cordial greetings and sincere friendship are scattered in the horizon.Occasionally pick up a golden maple leaf, the heart will be filled with melancholy kind of hard to suppress, convinced that after each piece leaves are hidden joys and sorrows of a story.They use their body engraved feelings of others, so they will never be lonely.Often in order to clear a ray of lilac Yi deeply plunged into the woods, no gain their own fall black and blue.Sincerely admire the kind of people live each day as the last day of life, their thoughts through the limitations of time and space, can calmly face flowers Yunjuanyunshu.For them, death does not mean the end of life, they thought to be reborn among the ruins, their souls continue between heaven and earth.    Life is not always smooth sailing, if we really smooth, and would not be called life, that it makes no sense to live, a person is to go through a lot of temper is really going to grow up!Not just spend our time will, or do we put our will gradually discarded in the wind?Many years later, in the history of the cold slowly getting old, died in obscurity until.Those who have gathered into a wonderful solo, played a dirge of life.And yet the eager, deeply desire their own ideas, such as track day outside the meteor pierced the dark night sky, brief but colorful.If not illuminate the course of history, it should also bring warmth to the soul blues.Since the choice, it is necessary to strive to do it well.We all know that hard-won success, you want to succeed, what will certainly go through, what had to be slowly.Always complain, moan and groan all day, envy the achievements of others, pessimistic own way.In fact, better to moan and groan all day trying to make it better but also more practical point.No one wants to be flat Fanfan over a lifetime, and no one is willing to drown in the sea.Life goes on, we have to repeat our days, even if there are more unhappy and counterproductive.Now that you have embarked on a journey of life, do not refuse to give in; since it has been selected into the distance, do not refuse to sail.Even if the failure ten thousand times, if still alive, we must continue to go.