Alive, to feel happy

He ran nursing home came a new teacher, lived next door to her mother, her mother the same age, the same surname, but some shorter seniority.People say the surname “Ran,” the chaos faction, fair to the teacher who ran only in the family, on an equal footing with me, a neck and neck.    Due to frequent this place, I’m not renowned teacher of children ran, only occasionally a chance, Ran teacher’s niece came to visit her, knowing only glimpses of her life.She is a primary school teacher, left the podium twenty years.Teaching life in the countryside, was originally a small village in the mountains, where he spent his youth, fifteen years after being transferred to the market town of Central Primary School, had considered a full house.    Every time I went to visit his mother, the teacher always ran tirelessly back and forth on the channel room.Her side followed by a carer, like a abide by the Defense Personnel responsibilities, inseparable.Ran teacher like singing, humming something that makes other people walking dubious tunes, songs necessarily want to come, she had youth like those songs.    Nursing home entertainment room decorated with a flower, is said to bring their own teacher Ran.From time to time she walked in front of the keyboard, sit down and play a few tunes, as if I was familiar with the famous Russian song love song “Moscow Nights”.Women accompanying her, stood beside her, women do not know know anything about this song, the ability to understand the state of mind at this time Ran teacher?    Later, I heard Ran teacher suffering from schizophrenia, because her husband died before her step.Children are working in the field to attend to.She was sad, and she says she has no son, no daughter.Niece took them past a family photo in an attempt to evoke memories of the teacher Ran.Ran his wife on the teacher pointed to the picture, he said: “This man seems I’ve ever seen.”It seems she had not recognize their own home, nursing home became the home of her old age.    Ran teacher first met, I was surprised and produce a tribute to her.Qi ears, short hair, some gray, but neat yet stable; medium build, erect shoulder, with her almost the oldest age very different.She is very temperament, one that intellectuals, giving the feeling of ladylike.October 18 inaugurated a nursing home, a “warm welcome to all the leaders to come to our hospital to guide the work,” the large poster hanging on the wall cross, teacher standing in front of Ran, stressing each syllable read each character on the slogan, also particularly emphatic, will “come” and “hand-drive ‘character to read you listen to, to remind you not to read into” bits ” .In times of a person, often complain about the unfair fate; a person at the time of frustration, they like complaining; a man proud of the time, and often appeared carried away; a man when successful, easy to breed self-righteous.Because this time, you do not get sick, nervous is normal, however, tend to extremes meet, keep you from waking into the confused, strayed from the right path crossroads, say not necessarily, you will unwittingly torture yourself frustrated, the frustration in a frustrating slump in the arrogantly proud reputation damage, after the success of pride from Montreal to destroy life, nothing can bring you happiness.    Today I went to the nursing home, the sunset through the trees, planted mottled light and shadow, tall ginkgo leaves began to turn yellow piece, Ran teacher wearing a ray glow, as usual walk back and forth in the corridor, her mouth still humming the song, still holding her hand with that care workers, over and over again to repeat yesterday’s story.Ran teacher is happy, I bless her, one of his dear old man, her life in the face of adversity, feel their joy!