Alive, so good

If compared to the life cycle once, but on their own after the death of the soul to find a home of comfort.- Inscription then high, then growth, then leafy tree also exposed to circle around the ring; then there will be a raging vast rivers dry up one day; no matter how tenacious, exuberant things, will be replaced by new things.The most one day, and then smooth the surface of the ground no longer remain stationary, became active again, again and again shake, split again and again, then houses, buildings and other buildings were razed to the ground in the blink of time, I was going to become a people living in the rules of this catastrophe facing the sudden, unprepared, surprise.Thereby giving rise to all kinds of bloody scenes.Earthquake relentless, but affectionate.Face merciless earthquake, there vow to protect his brother would not let the little sister brother wounded; promising to protect his son, the mother alone away the panels on the toilet pounds; the death of a child has been holding the great mother; as well as to save son hand clawed through the rubble six hours of strong-willed father.Under the ruins, buried countless lives with new hope, faint cries for help, a call came to life, to accelerate the pace of aid workers; the ruins of a handful of bright ,, brings people trapped hope, and that is the desire of students, will forget all Tong pain and fear, will feel at this time it is how bright the sun, the sky is blue and how broad, alive, really good!People died, buried under the ruins, time, fear, pain and confrontation, and with amazing perseverance to stick to it, stick to the arrival of rescue workers, until the arrival of light.Even a little movement, it Hanposangzai to call for help, did not miss any hope of a life, do not give up the idea of life, continue to live and insisted.Yes ah, people are always like this, do not cherish once had or now has, until we lose it when we come to treasure, which we take for granted like sunlight, water, food, etc..Yes ah, I live, nice!Whether poverty and wealth, both young and older, regardless of disability and health, as long as live, like.Life, there are a lot of disappointments, difficulties and setbacks like a symphony episode, what does it matter?When you feel anger for the injustice of fate, when chores of life to worry about, think Ding Dong the water, then you will dissipate anger, calm water.Water all his life go downhill foot, served in any vessel in the shape of what is, perhaps you will think it is only falling lake meaning, content with the status quo foot walk downhill, then you are wrong, the water also have their own aspirations, in order to better live, go merged into the sea, clustered into ocean!Alive, so good!You do not care about gains and losses, remember!Lost, in fact, have never really belongs to you, do not regret, happiness is not far away.Everything is in your life passing ,, forget the past, cherish have, in fact, everyone is a millionaire, but people are very greedy, selfish and is strongly possessive of things, always blame themselves for what nor.No longer do anything to fight those horses like the name of God clouds ah, ah Lee, and made mental and physical exhaustion.Rather mediocre Fanfan life, alive.Alive, so good!Re-see the bright sunshine, blue skies wide open arms, facing the sky, sigh, for anyone full of smiles, full of hope and vision for the future, no longer afraid of any difficulties and obstacles in life, become more courageous and strong.Alive, so good!Enjoy parents selfless love with a beautiful pure friendship between friends, feel the natural beauty of nature, feel the beauty of the colorful world of color, play different roles in social life, bit by bit life experience thing.Live in the moment, years of peace, but the rapid development of the crowded days, happiness!Remember some time ago the media reported that a group of photos on the coal kang life of daily life it?Even tired, will be smiling.Because always firmly believed in their hearts: to live, nice!Alive, so good!Is not it?