Alive, life is just a living process

REVIEW alive, the process is a mixed blessing, a curse not escape, and do not enjoy the blessing, from youth to middle age, to old age, life is becoming like quicksand, leaving only a faint imprint of it.  - Reading “Live” and “alive” story is not complicated, is called to write a rich man’s life, his family was a good young man, with today’s words evaluated he is a spendthrift, gambled away the family property is not that also mad father, KMT army then arrested, but fortunately survived.When I got home, it is already “changed everything off,” his mother died, her daughter Fengxia deaf.This paragraph is from rich to poor start.Then his son died donation to Mrs. Mayor, daughter Fengxia finally married a man bleeding to death when production.A few years later, his wife is gone, son in an accident also died, leaving him and grandson had each other, but also because of eating too many beans grandson and Cheng Si, last only a rich man.  From the rich to the poor, to continue to death, and finally left alive wealth, as well as an old cow.  For us ordinary people, everyone is so death is heartbreaking Tears of Blood, rich experience again and again again and again survived, we must ask, Yu Hua here to tell us exactly what?  Alive, life is a living, talk about happiness or misery, life is just a living process.  Alive, every life is so humble, and both are dignified.We live or as a seed, or as a worm, will eventually go to the end of life, but the process is time record for life, but also tells us that only time is eternal.  Throughout this novel, Yu Hua told us: live it, live, life nothing more, after all, life will continue.  The face of death, we are more the same as those of Su “Jiang Chengzi” emotion: “Ten years between life and death, does not consider, since the memorable.Trinidad solitary graves, Nowhere bleak.Even meet should not know, dust sounded, coming from the frost.You Meng night comes suddenly return home, Hsiao Hsuan window, is dressing.Care for silence, only tears of a thousand lines.Material was heartbroken at mid-moon night, short Matsuoka.”This is a common human poetry.However, heartbroken after it?  Yu Hua’s “To Live” gives us a good place for soul.Buddha said: edge raw edge off everything, everything in the world are polymerized in the same edge method.However, when we experienced all sorts, after all, such as Tao Qian says: “relatives or more than sad, others have songs.He died the road, the body entrusted with the Hill A.”After all, we are in reality still need to settle a self flesh and soul.  ”Alive”, not too much to tell the sorrows and suffering of thousands of lives, but in Buddhist and Taoist detachment to alert people.  Yu Hua explained himself “alive”: live, in our Chinese language is full of power, its strength not from the cry, nor from the attack, but to endure, to bear life-giving our responsibility to give reality to endure our happiness and misery, boredom and mediocrity.  I think this is a sentiment of profound life experience, when Yu Hua wrote “alive” is still young, so savvy, it is a spiritual superior, so he won world recognition and acclaim.  Alive, the process is a mixed blessing, a curse not escape, and do not enjoy the blessing, from youth to middle age, to old age, life is becoming like quicksand, leaving only a faint imprint of it.  Yu Hua in the final summary “alive”, said: “Young go wandering, middle-aged want to dig possession, elderly monk.”It also confirms Jiang Jie” corn poppy?”Interpretation of life,” listening to the rain teenager listening to the rain song upstairs, Candle faint Luozhang.Passenger boat in the prime of life listening to the rain, low cloud width Jiang Yan called off Westerly.Now listen to the rain under Monk House, temples have been the stars.Joys and sorrows always ruthless, term order to drip before dawn.”We are alive, the last of life, perhaps Taoists call ‘static’ it.  ”Alive” tells us: alive, we will finally return to Jing Xu of life, it is also a perfect.”Live” talk about the matter of death, in fact, it’s more trying to tell us this is how to die, that is to say, no matter how experienced the hardships of life, which we are to “live” attitude to face death.This is a rich personal life record, I think is our nation’s self-portrait.  We can even mention wealth height of Ah Q, even though they represent personality so different.[Editor: Yuet Wah]