Hu Dou Blossoms

[ Editor’s Note ][ Original Text ]The unforgettable memory lingers on and cannot be forgotten. The season when Hu Dou bloomed, Grandma left us with regret. This season when Hu Dou blooms, we come to grandma’s grave with our thoughts and remember them together.     In the memory of a person’s life, those unforgettable things that affect him often linger in his mind, lingering and unforgettable..     In my memory, the most unforgettable thing is my grandmother. With a flick of her finger, she has been away from us for 37 years.     Thirty – seven years ago, it was also the current season. Spring flowers bloom, cuckoo singing in the empty Shan Ye, and the annual spring ploughing and spring sowing kicked off. At this time, I was setting up a queue in the Tseng Family Commune in Wanxian County and living a life of educated youth with sunrise and sunset.. One morning, the team sent us to the field to pinch the green beans and make room for rice planting.. Everyone laughed and talked and worked as usual. All of a sudden, a notice came from the commune radio and immediately told me to go home. An ominous sign filled my brain at once. I know, grandma must be dying. I quickly asked the captain for a holiday and ran to the station along the winding mountain road..     Wait until noon to get in the car anxiously. The bus limped on the top of the rugged mountain road, my eyes gradually blurred, and grandma’s voice and smile appeared in front of my eyes … ah, grandma has no son in her life, and her mother is her only offspring. Therefore, she loves her nephew, who teaches in Chongqing, our uncle in separate rooms. At the New Year’s Day, my uncle went home to visit relatives, and our family was his home ( because my uncle had special respect for my grandmother ). As long as I hear the telegram from my uncle coming home, my grandmother will be as happy as a child for many days.. On the evening of each meeting, grandma and uncle talked all night long, as if there were family ties that could never be finished and love could never be expressed..     As parents worked abroad for many years, Grandma had to bring up our four siblings with one hand and one foot.. She experienced the sufferings of the old society and witnessed the changes of new China for more than 20 years. Grandma can’t read all her life, ” Long live Chairman Mao”’ five words, which we wrote on the gate every day before she knew him.. Grandma led our four siblings through a difficult’ three – year natural disaster’ period, ushering in the brief opening years of Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping. In 1963, the mother was ” downsized” and ” returned home. The life of the family of six depended on her father’s salary of dozens of yuan.. Granny is frugal and does her best to handle the housework. Although she is not rich, she can get by.. During the Cultural Revolution, our four brothers and sisters graduated from junior high school one after another without reading books, taking part in family work, or playing short-term jobs and subsidizing some families..     Granny has no culture, but her thoughts are very advanced. She was a member of the security committee of the street, and many people who were born with bad composition had to report their work to her every day.. However, grandma is kind and helpful, especially those in difficult circumstances. Therefore, grandma is highly respected and loved by the masses in the local area..     Grandma’s misfortune was the feet that troubled her all her life. Her feet were bound up, which was the pain brought to her by the old society. She has difficulty walking and needs to often trim calluses full of calluses on her feet, wear presbyopic glasses, sit in a courtyard dam illuminated by the sun, and repair her own feet, sometimes taking a long time..     At the end of 1968, Chairman Mao called on’ educated youth to go to the countryside and receive re-education from the poor and lower middle peasants. This, my grandmother has always been unable to turn around, and she loathes to let us leave home, because these children were brought up by her since childhood. she worries that we can’t eat bitter things and is afraid that we will suffer. it was not until the end of 1970 that she shed tears and reluctantly sent our brothers to the countryside under the guidance of her relatives..     From 1964 to 1974, grandma’s body was ravaged by cancer for ten years. She developed uterine cancer and then transferred to gastric cancer. She has visited several major hospitals in Chongqing and can take medicine in gunny bags. Combined with economic and medical conditions, grandma suffered from illness. However, she still cares about our grandchildren, bringing soap, toothpaste, matches and other daily necessities from the city, so that we can live in the countryside at ease … Ah, the other day, when Hu Dou bloomed, my grandmother was in a very good spirit during this period of time, eating and walking like normal people.. We were genuinely happy to hear such news, because grandma’s position is very important. she is not only the backbone of the family, but also the great’ mother’ who directly raised us and influenced our growth.. However, the terrible reality has come. When I stepped into the house, a bottle of painted coffin was suddenly parked in the middle of the courtyard dam. It goes without saying that Grandma is hopeless. I hurried to her bedside, holding her cold hand and calling her again and again.. Her mouth was moving and she had many words in her heart, but she could not say them anymore. She failed to see us return to the city, to see us start a family and establish a career, and even to see the rapid development of our country in the decades after the reform and opening up … ah, grandma died at midnight that day.     Grandma left with regrets. Grandma died just sixty-five years old. She failed to catch up with the good times. This is not only her regret, but also our regret.On February 17, 2009, it was the 100th anniversary of grandma’s birth, but there was no celebration because grandma was not a great man, she was only one of hundreds of millions of Chinese women.     On February 17 this year, we came to grandma’s grave, and grandma’s grave has changed. National immigrants expropriated land and moved Grandma to a more remote area. Although the land here is poor, the surrounding area is very suitable for the growth of beans.. The lush bean sprouts surrounded grandma’s tomb, and the bunches of bean flowers silently gave off a fragrant scent …[ Responsible Editor: Poppy[ Original ]