Give me some space

Everyone has his own living, communication, life, work and other spaces, which are the most fundamental existence for building a social system. However, between husband and wife, space is also needed. This space is based on the place outside the above large space that belongs to the narrowest area of self. There is no complicated social relationship, far away from the hustle and bustle, far away from the miscellaneous trivial life in succession, fulfilling the imagination, fulfilling the tranquillity, single and pure existence. Sometimes it’s a lonely sit – in, sometimes it’s tired to relax, sometimes it’s helpless to talk. The biggest fear is interference, aggression or disapproval. That is, between husband and wife, is no exception.     Often encounter such a situation, just entering his own Xiaotian field, reading books, listening to music, chatting or relaxing for a while, but the phone rings again and again, often in trivial matters, and it is no big deal.. But the mood was disturbed and the calm heart could no longer calm down. Often want to cry without tears and helpless. Shut down, this is the best way to solve the problem and the most effective way. However, people are members of society and cannot live without friends and relatives. Can’t exist independently from the nature of society, what’s more, shutdown is unethical. What if it is a major event in work and a major issue among relatives?? There is a mobile phone to facilitate contact, direct and rapid response to the situation, to achieve results. Why should we close the door of convenience for ourselves? This is the gender of the matter, this is the contradiction, this is the choice.     Life is often full of contradictory choices.     My wife recently read a novel I wrote and cried out for me to confess the truth in the story. I use the first-person technique to realize the hero’s real experience in the plot of the story, which is just a technique of expression. But my wife didn’t understand it and thought it was my own experience. I want to cry without tears. I said this is fiction, and there is no need to explain it to you, nor can I explain it. Art is art, and a novel does not mean that I can go there badly.. My wife was always unhappy, shooting at my heart with suspicion, trying to dig out the results she wanted from my heart. I am a little afraid that this groundless suspicion will turn into an endless cold war. So, this means that the harmonious relationship between husband and wife and the harmonious family atmosphere will soon begin to shake.     I almost said to my wife in a tone of anger and reproach, I have told you more than once not to enter the little space I only have, it is too narrow for you to break in, you have the courage to enter, but you do not have the courage to accept it, which will hurt you. I do not want you to be hurt without cause and stop you in order to better protect you.. We have lived together for more than ten years, creating a happy and warm nest together, passing through a happy world and experiencing a dull life together.. There has never been a heated argument or unpleasant dialogue. Spend ordinary years in understanding. Don’t you trust me now? Because of what makes you feel insecure about me?     His wife left tears on her cheeks and bowed their heads and said nothing.     I said, give me some space. I have never encroached on your private space, because I know that I also know that everyone should have their own small space as long as they do not exceed the principle issue. Everyone’s past is not the same. Some things may affect the emotional cooling between each other. I do not know that it may be better.. But she really exists, in the deepest part of everyone’s life. It’s a good idea to meditate, a good aftertaste. You can only retire in such a space and keep silent. You can’t make public for a lifetime..     My wife ran to the bed and covered her head with a quilt and wept.     I said to my wife, I know you care about me.     You silently pay for your family and children for me, including your youth and the crow’s feet climbing the corner of your eye. I appreciate your hard work and hardships over the years from my heart, and I am happy with your happiness. Although you are never afraid of all kinds of difficulties in life, your heart is very fragile and cannot stand the harm of a word. I ask myself to be a good husband, and try my best to make you feel the passion from me, so that you can savor the happiness of being a wife and a mother happily and healthily in the castle of marriage and family.. Although our life is very dull, it shows a real sense of reality and a clear direction of life. I think this is the way life should be. There are no excessive demands or extravagant hopes. Don’t compare with others, don’t chase the trend. As long as we can catch the bright spot of the day in the ordinary, it will be enough to light up the journey of your life and mine, not to lose the way.     But I don’t know when you started to have this suspicious anxiety about me, fearing that I would escape from the encirclement of marriage and wander blindly in the wild.. Perhaps you saw a poem I once wrote that was as hot as my first love. Perhaps you didn’t see your figure and description in my small space. Or maybe I haven’t sung to you an emotional song that makes you cry. I am responsible for these improper practices, and you are not wrong. I didn’t sing a word about your efforts and difficulties in the article..But your good news is that my heart is full, but I didn’t make her into words in time.. Because I don’t have enough writing skills to describe, I’m afraid that what I have written is not enough weight, and I’m sure you won’t be the youth worn out by years in marriage.. When I practice to a certain degree, I have enough courage and strength to stretch out my hand to touch the pain you left in my life. At that time, you came out of my life, enough to touch my expectation for the rest of my life..     Please give me some space. When I say this sentence, I also want to communicate with you. This kind of communication requires the touching between your nod, the smile of your heart, the meat and generosity of your hand.. Please believe me, I have my ideal and pursuit. Whether this ideal and pursuit is realized or not is also worth communicating with you further.. I planted a dream on the grassland of writing. Maybe you can’t accept the color of the dream, but the dream will shine because of you. You can listen with your head resting on my heart. It’s all for your happiness.     You don’t push me to the door forcefully, you are my home. I don’t want to stray or get hurt. Because I know that while you push me, it is the greatest harm to you. You will stand by the door and watch idly, and tears will not stop you from hurting your heart.. I’m willing to beg you not to do this, okay? I can’t live without you, just as you can’t live without me. If there were no you, where would I be alone? Without you, my heart will wither slowly until I die alone. If a person’s heart dies, there will be no soul, and the rest will be only a hollow and withered body. What do you mean by life?     Don’t be afraid of the cold. Give me a little space. I need very little, just a little. I will be your candle, burning in your life all the time.