Flowers blooming in the night

Xiao Yu came out of the house more than nine o’clock in the evening. She did not remember how long she had not left the door on such a night. The early autumn night was quiet. There were few pedestrians in the street except Mercedes – Benz cars. Xiao Yu did not know where to go, because she remembered that the key to the unit was not on her body at the moment she walked out, which meant she had nowhere to go tonight..     In early autumn, the wind was cold and warm. Xiao Yu walked on the street shaded by trees. There was continuous darkness on the street corner where no street lamp could illuminate. She walked on such a street, inexplicably giving birth to somewhat desolation, just like the mood at this time, lacking warmth. She wrapped her shoulder behind one arm and walked on the street she didn’t want to walk on.. The street lamp was so dim, and she walked around the corner without any light or pedestrians. The street was so cold and cheerless at about ten o’clock, like a lonely person like her on such a night.. Xiao Yu wondered why her brother’s arrival did not bring him a little warmth, perhaps because his brother did not want to mention her sad past, or because his love for himself was just not good at expression, she would rather believe that his brother was such a brother than as indifferent as his brother.. On the street, there is only one person, Xiao Yu. She gives birth to some fear without reason. What should I do if something happens to such a street on such a night?? Xiao Yu looked at the darkness ahead and unconsciously sped up his steps, but where could he go? She remembered that there was an Internet cafe in front of her, which might allow her to stay for a night. Although she did not like the noisy and depressing environment of the Internet cafe, she did not like the crowd with a numbing expression and the smell of alcohol and tobacco because of her obsession with the Internet, but where could she go? In such a large city, she seems to have no place to go. She tightly holds the strap of her backpack, has fear of such a night, and has a kind of loneliness and sadness that cannot be eliminated. Her tears begin to rage on such a night, and inexplicable sadness engulfs her heart. She doesn’t want to wipe the liquid with temperature and salty taste. Under such a night, no one can see her frailty and no one can see her gaunt. Perhaps this is the real light rain..     Xiao Yu was thinking about the scene where she had just had dinner with her brother. She was as strong as ever. She was so tired. She wanted to leave these strong disguises. She wanted to give up, but she chose to remain as usual.. She wanted to hear her brother ask her, but she was well? But the elder brother didn’t ask, and she didn’t show it. Maybe the elder brother cares about himself, but the elder brother doesn’t know how to express it. Xiao Yu thinks so.. Xiao Yu asked himself if he was too stubborn and headstrong.? But she doesn’t know what else she can do but pretend to be indifferent? In the face of all kinds of life, how can she bring these to her family? Her down and out, her persistence in drifting with the current, her helpless compromise, her tiredness, her suffering, have always been borne by herself, although sometimes she has felt that she can no longer insist and can no longer be strong, but she still smiles at her family, locking herself in her own heaven and earth, not allowing others to enter, and not wanting to go out. This is how she slowly walks on the road, stubborn, persistent, with her own wounds and with her own pain..     Suddenly all the road lights went out in a flash. Xiao Yu was somewhat surprised. How could it be? She looked at the clock of her mobile phone. The original time was fixed at 22 o’clock in the evening. The street lamp would be off at 10 o’clock in the evening, and light rain looked at the darker night. There were some neon lights flashing on the street. The city seemed extremely desolate and lonely. There was a man standing in the dark like a statue on the side of the road. She was a little worried. She entered the motorway from the sidewalk and sped up her steps. She turned her head to look at the man. Fear in her heart made her think of the person she loved, who was thousands of miles away, but the person she loved all over didn’t know that light rain was in the mood at this time. She remembered how much she wanted to give up. She remembered her nights when she could get away with cigarettes every night. She remembered the look her mother expected. She remembered that her son saw her smoking on the Internet and wrote in her message: ” Mom, smoke less, don’t stay up late, it’s bad for your health; She remembered those struggles; She remembered those hesitations; She remembered that the undercurrent was surging. Her tears came out again. She could not choose to give up or sink because it was not her and she could not do it.. Although sometimes she felt that life could not last any longer.     The street lights went out and there were neon lights in the buildings. Xiao Yu walked in the dark street. She saw the sign of Internet cafes on the street, but she did not want to walk in. Although she had nowhere to go, she still walked alone on the street. She knew that when she walked in the Internet cafes she did not want to go, she would choose to come back. It was like a compromise that had to be made in her life. She had to bow down and move forward. Although she was helpless, there were always times in life when you had to walk with your head down.. Xiao Yu deeply realized the taste, and she had no idea what pain in the world she could not bear..     The night became heavy, Xiao Yu had no strength to move forward and there were fewer and fewer vehicles on the road. In such a dark night, she did not have the courage to cross the tunnel again and stand on the side of the road bridge and look at the whole street. She felt weak and small. She was not strong, all of it was just a disguise. She thought of the hug of her loved one, how she longed for him to hug her at this time and said to her: Don’t be afraid, I am there.. But she knew that he was in a distant place, and she knew that some things had to be done by herself. She turned and walked toward the Internet bar, and she loved him, but she knew that even if she loved him with all her heart, some things also needed to be faced by herself. She only wanted him to love her, that was enough..     The road of night always feels very long, and those branches that project onto the road appear to be a little strange, with light rain stepping on those shadows, walking lonely and thinking in the night without moonlight and starlight.. Her tears are like flowers blooming in the night, and she has her own stubbornness. She knew that there was no reason for her to choose decadent or not strong. Her tears always wore a smile, even when she was walking on the night road, even when the street lights went out in a flash, even if there were no pedestrians and vehicles, even if she was lonely and lonely, she would still walk and be strong even in disguise as before..     She opened the folder of the mobile phone, she turned out his picture and gently stroked it with her hand. She clearly saw how much she loved him in her heart. She once closed the door of her heart and opened it for him. On such a night, she missed him, holding the mobile phone in her palm and putting it in her chest, and she knew she was not alone.. She always finds a way out for all bad emotions. She is a woman who would rather hurt herself than others. She resists those injuries with her thin body. She can’t afford all of them on her shoulders, but she has borne them all. What kind of woman is she, with what kind of injuries, walking stubbornly on the road of no one.. She is like a flower blooming in the night. Although she lacks attention, she is holding out with her own stubbornness and persistence. The night is silent. Her flower is quiet, waiting for the dawn with a cool, proud and dark heart..