Find a small town and settle down

I don’t know when, I suddenly want to go to a small town.     The small town has long been fixed in a format in my mind, firmly rooted in my image: old street, green flag, a clear stream passing through the small town. Original, ancient, clean and fresh quietly elegant.     Also for a long time in the busy, or perhaps recently decadent state of mind; In my heart, I long for peace and simplicity. More perhaps, a small town like that fits into a thread of his mind.     At the beginning of the moonlight, I thought I would lead you through the twilight of the old street.. And you, holding my skirts, snapped the heels of my shoes.. The sound, and in the month, must be as pleasant as a mountain, running water, spring, or ding dong..     Every time I think about it, my heart will swell with warm thoughts. I’m so eager for peace and hope that I’ll be comfortable in that quiet beauty and grow old slowly..     I went to Liang Shui, to the seaside, to the foothills. I just want to buy an old house on the street in such a place.     In the old house, open a teahouse, or a hostel, or a small bar. I will wait for sunset and dawn with a quiet and peaceful smile. What is important is that I will, quietly and quietly wait for your passing or coming one day..     But in the end, in a few helpless turns, in the golden reality, the amniotic fluid was divided into small births.     However, the dream town swaying in the wind has become a dream that cannot be broken since its mind, and often haunts me on moonlit nights like a distant love that cannot be abandoned.     Remember, a few years ago, I once looked out of the window at the clouds in the sky over the Pacific Ocean. The dream has also appeared so clearly. At that moment, I decided that there would be a place like such a beautiful cloud to settle my restless soul in this life..     The place was clearly a small town in my mind’s image.     After I came back, I went to many places alone, hovering between the mountains and swishing in the south of the Yangtze River.. I still remember looking all the way, that uneasy mood, as clear as looking for life’s return..     In Zhangzhen, Taizhou, a former child in Ningbo, Liangnong, Yuyao, Anchang, Shaoxing, and Longmen, Fuyang, I walked between prosperity and sadness, rushing to and fro again and again, then feeling disappointed.     In Xitang, that night, standing in the old window, the color of the second shore made me heartache. I fled like a thief, afraid of being late, I will be torn apart. As the car ran across the sea-crossing bridge, the music was full of Mr. Da You’s participation in the story of time.     At that moment, I didn’t know that the frozen town was already there more than ten years ago. Where, but your west cool, is how many times I called west cool in my dream!     I imagine that at this moment, the people of west cool will blow their lives into a comfortable melodious song at will in the evening of the clear summer. In the old days, the day passed peacefully.     And I, still busy and running, cut my wounds in the empty shell, and wrote about the small town complex in my heart, much like a sentimental attachment to love when I was young.!