Domestic romance

First of all, say a strange thing that is not strange.     A few days ago, an ordinary family living in a thatched cottage in a remote tribe in Africa actually took part in the grand hall of international news. Although it was because of a tribal lawsuit brought by a husband against his wife, it was enough to make people look good, because the cause of the lawsuit was that a Chanzui woman who had not eaten chicken legs and wings for many years did not give them all to her own man when distributing chicken, but left one for each other in an attempt to divide them equally.. What’s more, the lawsuit ended up with an absolute defeat for women. In the face of questioning by the commanding and sacred chief in court, she can only eagerly hand over chicken legs and wings, dare to anger and dare not speak, dare to stay and dare not eat. Finally, I only dare to complain in a low voice: In the past 20 years, I have given you everything, and let me try it again anyway..     Although it was only a low level of resentment, it still caused her husband’s swearing and threatened to divorce her firmly if there were another time.. At this moment, there was a roar of applause from the crowd, which caused me some dissatisfaction with this woman: since your husband doesn’t even give you chicken legs and wings, why did you marry her at the beginning? However, after careful consideration, I still felt sorry for her, because even if she married someone else, she still didn’t have to eat. For poor people struggling on the hunger line, love and romance in front of food are worthless. This is not surprising why this small lawsuit reflecting human rights and marriage can have a place in international news.     Because in Europe, the birthplace of Romanticism, this kind of thing will never happen. Europeans are not too poor, so many gentlemen have traded bread for roses. This is not allowed to happen in China, which pursues equality between men and women. Although the Chinese are not poor but afraid of poverty or poverty, they are all close friends before marriage. After asking the car to find out the approximate number on the deposit slip, the conclusion is often that women who eat chicken only want to marry men who can afford chicken, while men who can’t afford chicken can only marry women who don’t eat chicken.. Therefore, this kind of lawsuit has been avoided.     A blind date can be said to be a Chinese romance! In the society where men were superior to women in the past, this initiative was mainly in the hands of men. To be exact, it should be in the hands of the man’s mother, because only the great mother who loves her son and is eager to know how to use the principle of ” one look at the ground, two look at the bed and three look at the living kitchen” when choosing a daughter – in – law.. The old saying once said, ” Why sweep the world without sweeping a house?”. This is a man, this kind of sweep is nothing more than a few random tosses and turns with brooms tied with sorghum spikes to achieve the goal of seeing out of sight as soon as possible.. A woman’s sweep is different from a man’s, the spotless living room and bedroom can measure her dexterity, and the dead corners at the bottom of the table, which are not often seen by people, can show people’s carelessness.. As for the bed, what can I say. What’s the difference between a virtuous wife and a dusty woman’s way of holding her bed and folding her quilt? Only a woman can tell the difference.. Living kitchen refers to the kitchen that is cooking. From the amount of seasoning used to cut vegetables and the skill of burning fire to the overall layout of kitchen utensils and the arrangement of vegetables and meat, if a woman opens her mouth to speak, she can write a book one day and one night.. Not to mention its importance. After all, women spend far more time cooking than talking in their lives, which is obvious to all.     Perhaps society is developing, perhaps civilization is progressing. Chinese women can finally stand up and ask the car when they are dating each other.. But unfortunately, there is always a feeling that one share of morality is in decline.