Bright moment

Perfectionism is an aesthetic pursuit. Among the many precious stones, diamonds show the incomparable king’s spirit with their resplendence and resplendence.. Under the platinum accessories, it gives off a dazzling light and makes people move. In life, the same is true of temperament, but it takes only a time, a distance, or a stage.     Life is bright, long and short, but up to now, I like’ brother’ and’ Zhang Guorong’ most in my regulations: ” I am I, fireworks of different colors.”. The sky is broad and the strongest bubble’ should be interpreted well. Perhaps in life, he was a little reckless, but on stage, he did not lose his true nature and was always looking for a perfect self..     On an accidental occasion, I took a type 9 personality test and the result was perfect. Think of blood type is a answer, and the first personality, also feel quite take. First of all, I also feel more and more good. But the heart, but more yearning for the real first, just don’t try so hard. From the beginning to the present, fate has been bright several times, and I think I should be satisfied.     Not long ago, it was learned that singer Yao Beina had left. I felt sorry for my new life. After all, I felt so sorry for the youth that I left in this way.. She has left the most beautiful eyes to the world, enough to move China. Such a person’s departure is deeply moved and admired.. Maybe the Libra of fate misplaced the weight, but it made people remember her name, her beautiful singing and her loving heart on the road.. She is not my idol, but makes me feel sad for her. On the short stage of life, she did not have any regrets, because her bright light had already shone into people’s hearts and made them remember the girl who loved music..     Think of Lu Gengxu in Shui Mu when he talked about Li Jianshi, saying he is an aesthete or he is close to perfectionism, and saying that he subconsciously rejects all kinds of ugliness in the adult world, thinking that the visible exposed adult world may be the enemy of youth. I feel that he is talking about himself, because I am also such a person or a person of this character..     In my world, it is like the ivory tower that is fresh and warm everywhere. Here, people can forget the apathy everywhere in city life, forget all the troubles and idealize them into reality in their real desires.. Can such a place exist? Ask the heart, after some thought, only to find that it does not actually exist. Just as ancient Greek buildings cannot be preserved completely, they cannot be presented perfectly because the world is not perfect. All the ideal illusion, in fact, is just a phantom with no dangerous images.     Want to come, fate also treat me not thin. In a certain period of time, I will gain something, have a downturn and have a bright flash. On the road between ideal and reality, I looked at the beautiful mountains, rivers and moons, saw the distance between dream and reality, and tried to walk on a relatively balanced line.. In fact, perfection does not exist on the stage of dreams. As Tan Weiwei, who successfully kicked the pavilion to join me as a singer, said: ” I was very proud of myself, but I grew up to find it unwise to only be myself before.”. ‘ With such a perfect transformation, she also turned magnificently on the stage and won the first place in the audience’s mind in the current period..     The heart actually needs perfection, but it can’t always be turned into reality. I like” g” very much.e. M” Deng Ziqi wrote her own songs to participate in the Bubble Bill. Although this is a sentimental love song she wrote with her depressed mood at that time, she has grown up since then, making her feelings and outlook on life no longer as beautiful and fragile as a bubble.. On the contrary, she broke through the cocoon and found herself the only one who belongs to the real world after bursting out of huge energy in a steady whisper.. And I, too, found the answer I wanted, which was my own bright moment! The real but not perfect life, the fate of happiness and ups and downs, and the unknown of ideal and devotion … ah