A day without sorrow

What is the day? It usually refers to the change of day and night, which is probably the case in people’s cognitive process. However, human life is closely related to the day, and sorrow is also a day. Music is also a day, this is a sentence I have often heard in recent years. Although this sentence is popular, it is full of philosophical truth that is very interesting.. Day after day, sorrow and joy always coexist in the daily necessities of daily life, and I, like most people, believe in the day when there is no sorrow, and expect the day to be the same..     Once upon a time, the sorrow and joy of every day were related to the state of mind. I had experienced the gloom like a rainy day, the gloom like a rainy day, which made me hesitate and wander. At that time, I seemed to have a feeling of seeing through the world of mortals, and felt that everything was so, and the confusion that I couldn’t see and feel seemed to bind my hands and feet so that I couldn’t break free.. Suddenly one day, I saw an article written by a PLA soldier in the supplement to the PLA newspaper ordinance – the mood bill. after reading it, I immediately felt that every word like drops of dew moistened my heart and made my heart appear green, which brought me out of the haze very deeply..     I am very grateful to the soldier. His article left a deep impression on me. My former army life made me feel empathy with him. My empathy with him is reflected in the common feeling, which is the interaction between days and moods.. The soldier wrote in his article, ” What is your mood?”? If life is a flower, the mood is the season of flowers. If life is a tree, the state of mind is the green leaves on the branches, if life is a dense forest, the state of mind is the wings and feathers of the bird.     If life is a harp, the mood is a moving chord, if life is a month, the mood is a transparent white, if life is an artistic hand, the mood is a colorful soul. If life is an essay, state of mind is a punctuation mark with rich feelings, if life is a kite, state of mind is a thin line raised high, if life is a river, state of mind is a cliff. That’s firm and quiet. It’s going to set up a gorgeous rainbow. If life is water, the state of mind is a rock, raising white flowers again and again, and the scenery is sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty.. Military personnel’s mood is an impassioned song, singing the great river north and south …. ‘ Yes, how admirable is the soldier’s perception of his state of mind. At this moment, I also deeply realized that the day will always be so bright and colorful. Whether the state of mind is clean or not is closely related to the sorrow and joy of the day. If a person chooses to be happy with himself every day, it should be a very happy thing and happiness will be at his side. Happiness is always with you and me. Happiness is like a flower in the heart driving away sorrow, which is a kind of beauty..     In the course of life, people’s state of mind is always like that or has waves. There may be blandness, but when sorrow collides with optimism, the mood is always magnificent. When optimism outweighs sorrow, the mood is always flat. Calm day, is so calm, and show vitality in the calm, these vitality enriches the day without sorrow, let sad mood go away forever . ah.. ( Lu Zhaohang ) )