Heart prison

I remember my childhood dream, that is, to travel all over the great river and north and south, to enjoy the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, and to be a backpacker of my own accord.. But it was only a childhood dream, and I have not realized it since I was a fast-growing child..     I remember my childhood yearning for the legendary Shangri – La and always dreamed of going to the fairyland to experience what is the original ecology and what is Lingshan Xiushui. I also yearn for the Inner Mongolia steppe, where I can feel the sight of passing through history.. So I worked hard to study geography and read many books about scenic spots and scenic spots. But now, my knowledge of those is still limited to the media and books.     In reality, I shuttle between the cities for the sake of life without stopping to enjoy the scenery on the roadside. The pressure of life has exhausted me physically and mentally. My eyes become speechless or slightly closed in the car, without enjoying the idyllic scenery outside the window.. At home, work and family chores are still tied up, and dreams there are thus dragged on and on.. Sometimes a person can’t help thinking about who is living for, but there will never be a clear answer to this question.. Most of the time in my dream, I reach those places that I have been longing for for for a long time..     I know that I will never give up my dream when I was there, but how can I take care of my family while doing that with considerable energy?. I think it was too difficult for me, so I sent my love to the mountains and rivers in my hometown, studied Tao Qian, made an inquiry and hid those in my heart, but it was always a dream for many years that could not be realized and could not be abandoned. I hope I can be released one day..