Carnations sent to heaven

[ Editor’s Note ]: Mothers are always ordinary and great and give their possessions selflessly for their children. This life is difficult to repay the mother’s debt, but all mothers will want their children to live a happy and hard life, which is the best reward for a mother’s love..   I know, my mother can’t write enough. Mother is the sea. My pen is too small to lift only a few waves in the sea.     I know, mother can’t write. Writing that painful page is tantamount to reopening the scar that has just healed in my heart ( I just walked out of the pain of losing my mother and did not want to look back on that history ). But today is my mother’s death day. I’m going to offer a beautiful carnation to my mother in heaven, so I have to write about it. Only when my mother is written out can more people know how broad and deep her motherly love is to me.     My mother is very ordinary. To others, it is as ordinary as a grain of sand. Put it in a sand pile and it will never be found again. But in my mind, my mother is great. She is heaven, she is earth, so tall and so far – reaching. Ah, although I am not the flesh that fell off her body, she is the one who gave me life and gave me the world.!     I was raised by my mother. Forty – three years ago, in June, middle-aged childless parents heard that there was a family outside the city and their mother had to die after childbirth, leaving a girl to give away.. The parents who had long wanted their children decided to go and see them went there by the tractor in the team..     They were stunned by everything in sight: although the girl lying on the kang was three months old, she looked just like a full moon, and her skinny body was most conspicuous by her bulging belly and big eyes on her face, which were open and closed and even weak in crying.. Family members are feeding the baby’s thin noodle soup. These days they don’t know what to feed the girl. The baby’s belly is rising like a small drum and banging loudly.. Can a child like this survive if he carries it back? Parents hesitated. At this moment, the girl burst into tears, the cry seemed to prove to her parents the existence of her life, and she seemed to be praying for her parents to save her . Ah, a kind-hearted parent’s heart – hold it back, she and we are predestined friends, go back and have a good life, and if she dies, she will be dead even if her life is short.. An instinctive mother’s love prompted the mother to pick up the girl. From then on, the girl had a mother and the mother had a daughter.. Such a call is forty-three years – that girl is me, she is my mother . Ah, my mother has suffered a lot from snacks. There are seven brothers and sisters in the family, and the mother is the youngest. Due to the difficulties of life, she has not read a book in a day..     At the age of 18, my mother suffered from a strange disease that caused her hand to fester and fester in her right hand. My grandfather sent her to an old Chinese medicine doctor in the village outside to treat her.. The old Chinese medicine doctor and the old couple all smoke, so they told their mother to use her left hand, which was not sick, to load them with cigarettes in a tobacco pouch pan, and she had to light them while lighting them, so she learned to smoke in the second place ( this may be a fuse for her later lung cancer ). That is to say, the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine used musk for her mother, which made her lose her right to be a woman forever – she could not bear children.. I have to’ thank’ the old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, who told me to have this relationship with my mother. A year later, the mother’s hand was healed, but she bent her back. At that time, when she was growing up, she hung a sling around her neck all day, and the spine changed shape over time.. In fact, the mother who looked at the photos was beautiful when she was young, but these two problems made it difficult for her to find her husband’s family. Later, after being introduced, I met my father. Father is good and looks good, but the family is very poor. At that time, there was a hearing problem in the ears and a mother, so it was also difficult to find an object. So neither of them would abandon the other and join together. The life of loving and loving together was nearly 50 years..     Thank God for giving me a kind, virtuous, hardworking mother.     After her mother got married, she lived with her grandmother. Grandma is a unruly mother – in – law, and her mother has suffered a lot from her, and my arrival has added a bit of fatigue to her. In these days, the hardest thing to do is to be a mother.. Father is a blacksmith and works very hard every day. The family affairs are all handled by the mother alone.. She gets up early every day when she is greedy and has no leisure time. Remember the days when grandma was paralyzed in bed and urinated on the kang all day, mother never felt dirty and kept changing and washing grandma. In winter, the blood cut in the hands was split like a child’s mouth, and I was scared.. Every time I make a delicious meal at home, my mother always leaves it to grandma, dad and me. In my memory, my mother usually eats with pickles.. Mother’s temperament is very mild, she speaks kindly and friendly, and never disagrees with her neighbors. Mother is skillful in heart and hand, although she has no culture, she loves embroidering, and the embroidery patterns are all painted by herself. The flower and bird patterns embroidered by her mother are lifelike. Until now, many of her’ works’ have been left in our home and in the home of friends..     My childhood was very happy. After my father and mother robbed me from death, I became a treasure in their hearts. Every step of my growth was permeated with the painstaking efforts and sweat of my father and mother. The love they gave me was beyond the reach of many children with biological parents.. When I was a child, I ate and dressed better than children of the same age. Not to mention eating apples and bananas in the sixties, but I rarely see them, but I can definitely eat them as soon as I purchase them in the supply and marketing cooperatives.. Interestingly, I’m seven years old and I still walk around with the bottle in my arms. At that time, it was still difficult for the country to rely on food supply, and my parents earned money to support me, so the living conditions were naturally better than those of other people’s homes: remember when I was a child, I often pestered my mother to lead me to take big white steamed buns to needy families’ homes for corn noodles and big cakes to eat…. I have never worn the patched clothes, and I was very greedy when I saw the patch on the clothes of children of the same age. I just made my mother put two flower patches on my new clothes..     I can’t forget when I was a child my mother transported me to and from school in the wind and rain: a large raincoat was worn on me while she was always carrying a plastic sheet. I can’t forget my mother’s careful care before the graduation exam: I was afraid I would be hungry at night and often served a bowl of hot soup noodles with poached eggs. I can’t forget my first official holiday as an adult, which scared me to cry. My mother comforted me softly and patiently taught me to use toilet paper over and over again..     The happiest thing in my memory was that I was admitted to the normal school that year with the result of second place in the whole farm..When the mother saw the admission notice, she gently stroked it, smiled at first, then tears of joy flowed out of her eyes, as if all the sufferings and tiredness she had suffered before had been released and relieved at that moment.. In the evening, my mother killed a chicken, which was the most delicious time my mother had eaten in my memory..     The mystery of my life story was solved when I was in normal school. I was calm to learn the news at that time. I did not alienate them because they were not my biological parents. On the contrary, I respected them more because they were able to give all their love as if they were their own and cultivate a child unrelated to them. They were the greatest and most selfless parents in the world.. After graduating from the normal school, the students all applied to go to a good place: some went to the city, some went to the bureau, and the most was assigned to the farm department, while I applied to return to my alma mater, the remote sub-field primary school, because there were my parents there, and I will honor them all my life.!     Time passed quickly, and then I got married and had children. In order to make me feel at ease with my work, my mother took on the burden of showing me the children again … Ah, my son grew up day by day, but my mother grew old day by day. When my son grew into a handsome boy of one meter, 83, my mother, who most loved me and cared about me, was like an ancient pendulum and could no longer swing..     I had long wanted my parents to move out of the low, damp old house, but when I just bought a building that would allow my parents to ” pull a pig in the house” and prepare to bring them to enjoy their happiness, my mother found out that I had advanced lung cancer.. The doctor said that the disease won’t last long . Ah, after hearing this, he couldn’t say how sad he was and how self-reproached he was.. No one can understand my inner feelings at that moment. My mother, she loved me so much, almost to the extreme.! She was too strong, always afraid of adding trouble to me, and she refused to tell me when she was ill, thus delaying her illness.     During my mother’s illness, I waited in front of the bed and did not know how many tears I had secretly shed. For the first time, I experienced what was tearing my heart apart and what was where will you go. For the first time, I was afraid that my mother would leave me. For the first time, I felt that love also had an end. For the first time, I felt that what I owed my mother was hard to repay in my life. Because, before I could honor her old man’s house, I always thought that her mother’s body was still fit and she had to go later than her father . Ah, but when I discovered that her life was burning to ashes for me, I realized that I was not a dutiful daughter, and I had been ignoring her, including her health.. However, my mother said proudly to everyone who visited her, I’m grateful for this girl, how she treated me well . Ah, I prayed to heaven countless times in my heart, and as long as my mother can live, I would like to exchange my health for her health, and I would like to give everything to her.! But my mother still went away . Ah, the time of leaving my mother seemed to me to be just an instant. The sound, face and smile of her life are vivid, and I believe that no matter how long it will take, the memory of her mother will not be forgotten.. Mother is a book, a warm book, a book treasured in her heart that she always remembers and reads all the time. In my spare time, in my dream and in my thoughts with space, I always read from time to time. I can’t help feeling the strength and greatness of my mother, the warmth and care under her wings, and the unselfishness and fraternity under her care..     On the first anniversary of my mother’s departure, please accept this carnation from her daughter. If there is a future life, I will be your daughter to repay my debt to you.