Another year of harvest

juwan is nearly seventy years old, and he is very skillful in farming and has a lot of energy to spare.. My father retired for many years, and this year he also went back to his hometown to spend the autumn with his second uncle’s family.. My aunt is sixty years old and has high blood pressure, but the farm family can go to sleep after she has never rested, cooked a meal and ate a bowl with her.. Confused for a while, he struggled to straighten his waist, stretched his stiff legs and stood up to continue his work..     Before I knew it, I spent the rest of my life on the road, writing and sitting all day long, and my hands were helpless.. In recent years, I went back to my hometown in the autumn harvest to help juwan’s family in the autumn harvest.. Always catch a tip. Remember last year, he and juwan went up to Dongpo to clean up the last two small weirs, and a third of them have already let the mountain mongoose break off the tree. After breaking off the jade ornaments, he and juwan packed plastic woven bags, piles of corn cobs in woven bags, juwan carried them on his shoulders and carried them up and down to the carriage on the side of the road.. Seeing the hard juwan, I picked a small bag full of yuju, rolled it to the edge of the ground, then went under the ground, sat on the ground first, carried the bag on my shoulder, stood up slowly with the wall, and walked hard in the fields up and down..     Every time shangdi, my heart is afraid, always crustily skin of head, thinking about when to take it back? Always told juwan to plant less next year. For several years in a row, there was no shortage of seeds. This year the particles returned home successfully. The neat and golden jade battlements are shining in the sun, and the plump sticks are like their sons in the eyes of juwan and juwan, and they have worked hard for a year.. When they stand in front of the jade mound, they always smile happily.     This year, I packed up so quickly because I married a good daughter – in – law. Daughter – in – law on the kitchen, the property, everything is good. In their hearts, they will always be the son of a child, and this year they will also go home to collect autumn under the guidance of their daughter – in – law.. Two aunts also lovingly told their son to rest from time to time. Two uncle and two aunts would rather do more than work, but also loathe to use their own son. Even when I went to work in the fields, I also prepared dry food and water for my son and daughter – in – law..     I took my sleeve to wipe the sweat, sat on the dam and took a deep breath, then lifted a bottle of water. Stretching out his pockmarked arm and releasing his aching legs, he watched the field busy with his family and enter the process of reaching the jade pole.. Second uncle bent down and reached out his sickle to climb up a large bundle of jade bamboo poles, picked them up and put them on piles, and then lit them up.. There are flames everywhere in the heavens and the earth, and they are braving thick black smoke.. The flame looked down on me haughtily and contemptuously. I was holding sickles and churning them, playing with fire like a child and feeling like I was back in my childhood.. I forgot to get tired for the time being and ran around in front of the yuju pole pile.     I have no skill and no plan yet. The monthly salary of thousands of yuan is a monthly salary of the Yueguang nationality.. Not only did colleagues buy buildings in the county seat, not only did female classmates who grew up without jobs also buy buildings in the city, but also the villagers bought buildings in the county seat and lived in the village but rented them out in front of the landlord in the city.. Facing the astronomical figures of house prices, I can only sigh upwards. I never knew how to be thrifty, and I sent all my hopes to God. I always believe in bread and buildings. Will always believe that the world will drop pie, and will certainly hit me. I never know what sorrow is, and I will not be tired of everything if I leave it to my fate.. Simplicity of mind is also a good thing. Now the countryside has become rich, and the year of urban and rural areas has no difference. I will not be allowed to consider whether I was right or wrong when I took a job..     The second uncle’s house had a big, beautiful and brand-new tile house, and the furnishings of the house were no worse than those of the townspeople.. The second uncle’s family is not medium in the village. Now every family in the village starts a new house, and most of the young children get on the car separately. Village head family couple each have a car, and a hire car to drive. The new appearance of the countryside made me envy, but the sufferings of the rural people deterred me from doing so.. Some men not only rode motorcycles to work in the county seat, but also ran home to farm. In addition to working in the village’s Fanshi Kiln, some men also use time to farm the land. Rural women are not worse than men at all. They go up the mountain to pick Fanshi like men every morning at 5am, and go home to work in the fields in addition to doing housework. They never complain and get tired. 100 yuan, a male Japanese worker, and 80 yuan, a female Japanese worker, also work eight hours.     My classmates, who are civil servants, can use their time to set up pig farms in the village.My distant nephew married a good woman. I went back to the village to meet her this time. I called her’ Goddess’. The couple have been running pig farms in their fields for more than ten years. This is not true, ” Goddess” said happily to me today: Gu, my support money is about to be pulled out. I know it’s FIFA million yuan. What is the concept of fifty million yuan for a peasant family! I am sincerely glad to see the changes in the countryside and the sincerity and endeavor of the villagers.. Of course, I also felt ashamed of myself. I worked outside for nearly 30 years. I didn’t earn any money, but I learned to ” enjoy myself and work hard.”. Want to pick Fanshi with them up the hill, but have this heart but not this strength.     When I exercise on the road in the morning, I always go to the Fanshi Factory at the foot of Dongshan to see women carrying iron dustpans, bending over their hips and picking cooked Fanshi. The brand-new gloves will only be in women’s hands for a while, ” brothers” and ” ten heads” will all be exposed. I didn’t know why every family in the village was rich and safe because every family had a good wife, and they never complained, not to mention did not put up their work, believing that giving was deserved. In addition to the income in the fields, this is their household sideline and their work, and they can earn a lot more than the city people without going out of the house.. The hard-earned money earned by the eight flaps of hard work and sweat has strengthened the family’s income and laid a solid foundation for the children to buy a building in the county seat.. Poor inherit the wind, father, son of debt, passed down from generation to generation.. Most people of my age in the village became grandmothers and grandmothers. I have entered the year of peace, and I have not saved anything for my son, nor can I ” chew” or ” gnaw” or ” gnaw”. I can’t stand the pain. It’s really the body of a wife and the life of a servant girl.. I feel sorry for my son, but guilt arises spontaneously. But it was only a short time. The only thing that reassured the son was that when the mother listened to his son’s words, exercising well was the greatest comfort to his son..     Every parent tries his best to love his children and grandchildren. I wish I could grind my bones into pearls in exchange for some money for my children. It would be nice if the children’s love for their parents could be equal to one-tenth of the parents’ love.. Sometimes I really want to show filial piety to my parents, but sometimes it’s too late when you understand or care about them.. Once the mother’s exhortation and grandma’s ramble about how amiable they want to be today and how much they want to listen again, they have only the next life. The childhood of my hometown, the hometown of my childhood, pulled me back to just visiting at this time and made me warm. Once spring and summer, once autumn and winter, were staged in my mind like TV series, like yesterday.     Father came to Yangquan to work at the age of 16 and did not expect to return to his hometown at the age of 80. Perhaps this is called falling leaves in the final analysis. The father watched his grandchildren grow up day by day, and watched his sons and daughters-in-law go to work every day. His legs and feet were so inconvenient in each son’s going up and down stairs. In the two rooms and two halls of each family, the father chose to go back to his hometown when it was a bit crowded.. And the father who went back to his hometown, the five siblings of us, were so uneasy. Although the father is in good health. For this reason, Big Brother bought a 140 – square – meter building in the county seat, and I don’t know if my father will stay this winter.? The air in the countryside is fresh and fresh. The sky is so blue and the clouds are so white. Really, in the accustomed city, I always think it’s better to be in the countryside. Father carried tea cups every day and sat in a small shop near the village intersection, chatting and laughing with the villagers.. People in the village who grew up with their father came home to talk with their father and talk about their past and have endless topics. It was so happy to see my father. I feel my father returned to the countryside from the city, flying freely like a bird in a cage. Although the city has a recreation room for the elderly.     The father is getting older and the son is getting older and older. I really realized my parents’ love for the calf and felt that I should double my filial piety.. It is the greatest filial piety to the father to let him not worry about it. Also even filial daughter. And what about me? The father beamed when he talked about his grandchildren. Son of xian, father kang.     In the future, he will live conscientiously, be filial to his father and fulfill his father’s wishes. May I help juwan’s family to harvest autumn with my father every year. May aunts juwan and juwan be in good health and wait together for the arrival of their grandchildren and hope that next year will be another year of harvest.! ( 2662 )