Department of Commerce: China does not want to fight a trade war but never fear a trade war

  Zhongzheng Wang News (Reporter Zhang Jing) US time on March 22, US President Trump signed a memorandum of understanding with China 301 survey released by the US Trade Representative's office based command authorities in China to take restrictive measures。   Ministry of Commerce spokesman issued a statement March 23 on the US 301 investigation decision, the United States ignores the fact that the Chinese side to strengthen intellectual property protection, ignoring WTO rules, ignoring the voice of the majority of the industry, insists this is typical of unilateralism and trade protection doctrine, China is firmly opposed。 US move is not conducive to the interests of China, is not conducive to the interests of the United States, is not conducive to the interests of the world, it opened a very bad precedent.。
In any case, the Chinese side will not sit by and watch their legitimate rights are being infringed, we are fully prepared to resolutely defend their legitimate interests。   The spokesman said about 301 survey, China has repeatedly made it clear stand。 China does not want to fight a trade war, but not afraid of a trade war, we have the confidence and ability to cope with any challenge。
We hope that the US stop doing, careful decision-making, not to bilateral economic and trade relations dragged into the woods。

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