Best not to meet

You said: Will you love me good, until falling thin speckled heart of the home.When you say this, it is the grass green wind, cold weather by the warming of March.Your sweet laughter and the true, pure, sincere love, in my lonely heart shed rain early spring, the seeds of love quietly sprouting in the holy heart, flower, heart finally have a sum of bank lyrical deposit.    Together they leave, as the piece Autumn leaves pushed so far away; the mood of lingering autumn season ebbs and flows, disorderly, always difficult to calm.Parting softly told you, I could not help think back to the days together, how happy is that the true, pure, genuine feelings reflect our world was bright red as drunk.In that piece of grass riverside stroll, gentle wind and warm sunshine Fanshai story with two people; you bend over to pick up the hat was blown off, seized a heart.You say: you love Dehong of heaven and earth, heaven and earth where there is shadow, sound, Reiki, have great beauty; you say: Do you love Meng Bana Xi blue, so blue eyes mix here, so blue heart blue was feeling drunk..    Reality is not a rain of cloves and singing and diffuse language under the moonlight, because of love separation it not a blessing, like the years of wine, the longer the more mellow.Not your day, you do not expect to make up, do not ask you what time butterfly day comes, I just want to wait for you at Bana Xi Meng.But I know that once again meet the days can not be predicted, only to lingering memories such as blood again, lingering passionate as that of the rainy season, take a piece of wet kisses, bathed every beloved sky.    No matter where you are, Qingguihechu, where is the love, I thought it best not to meet, I’m afraid not concerned about the feelings of the gate of tears, swollen eyes make you worry.Let that one love, a love that collection in each other’s hearts, flowers One year good, but each year sweet dreams.