A moment of fireworks, decayed I left the song

A few moments later, fireworks, decayed pearls and curtains, blue-and-white cups, lying in the middle, accompanied by wine. This time, how to rely on his window, autumn color meaning is thick, mosaic completion ash. A mouthful of bitter wine, people drunk drunk drunk not drunk, a seat self – pity, regret regret regret also regret. Only sigh is, flower matter not, leave people not to return.     For a long time, I have been eager to have an extraordinary hangover, accompanied by the slightly bitter tears, to indulge myself to the fullest and to be in a state of distress . Ah, the night has fallen asleep, and the solitary light is a shallow sleep.. I didn’t sleep at night because I was afraid that when I woke up in my dream, the mirror flowers were dim and the moon and water were all broken, and these people were so dispirited and discouraged, who knew the taste of such suffering. Perhaps, at the end of the day, such a cup of dirty wine can soothe the old wounds, and such a piece of white paper can tell the heart deeply..    [ Moment of Fireworks, Instantly, Bright Night’s Ink[ Original ]Autumn Night, As Quiet as Ever. Candles are scattered and flickering, and in this boundless night, there are only a few promoters singing all night in the weeds in the courtyard..     In the northeast of the town, I don’t know when fireworks started to light up, and through the fog of thin curtains like veils, the color of the ink was bright all night.. Vaguely remember, you once said to me: I have always disliked the falling of branches and leaves and the dancing of fireworks. Even if those pictures are beautiful, they are only fleeting moments, but every time I see them by accident, I can’t help feeling a sense of reluctant attachment..     The small town that has been living in all along is still full of yesterday’s atmosphere in spite of the autumn wind and all the prosperity.. I have already forgotten how many times I have been looking up at the stars, folded my hands and secretly promised what kind of pious expectations and commitments I have made.. However, those gibberish, or silence, all broke into smoke and flowers in a twinkling of an eye in the dim night of this scene … Ah, this scene bloomed in the twinkling of an eye, and the meteorite fireworks vanished in the twinkling of an eye. Tonight, I don’t know whose face was haggard and whose night was bright..     At the beginning of the new moon, the stars are hidden and bright. Outside the window, the scene was like a vast river in a flash of mist floating in the moonlight.. I looked at the stars in the sky, suddenly, unconsciously, I also added a few lines of loneliness.. If so, I would rather incarnate myself as one of the stars in the sky until the sea runs dry and the rocks crumble and the tide rises and falls are seen, just to look forward to the day when you can pass through my eyes.     The fireworks in the distance thanked and opened in the sky, opened and fell, and I gradually became accustomed to this kind of loss after the prosperity..    [ I left the song, ended the song, and cleared up a piece of lonely[ original ]paper, ink, and in the middle of the night, the moon was like a river, a vicissitude of life, and a piece of autumn color. Playing the piano, singing songs, alone with the shadow of the lamp, holding the lamp and drinking alone, a song of sadness and joy, a sound of separation and reunion.     The decadent elegance is not easy to describe, with few karma and no right or wrong. I quietly watched the fireworks have burned out outside the window, and in the light mist, there was also a song of rambling parting..     The autumn moon is slightly cold, the candle light is slightly warm, the taste is strong, and the turbid liquor is weak. It is the answer that who has gone through spring, spent autumn, day after day, year after year, and earnestly sought after. The tireless self-pity of the belly is a thousand words that who sobs after a night’s hangover.. When the cup was full, a faint fog shadow was reflected in front of me. After drinking it off, I did not know when the fog outside the window had spread into the room, obscuring my eyes..     The cool wind in October passed through the hair again and again. I just looked at the messy handwriting on the paper. Somehow, some moved … Ah Fenghua Month, the rain bell, once drunk, set foot on the song.. In fact, everyone’s heart has a city surrounded by ink and wash, a long corridor paved with bluestone, a beam carved with vermilion, and a screen smoked with sandalwood, where others can’t enter and can’t walk out.. I got up in the wind, stopped and walked all the way, and took a look at the picturesque pavilions around me, like stepping into a lilac dreamland. At the end of the day, it was discovered that a besieged city will never be besieged by the Shaohua phantom of the opera that went to Qiu Lai in the spring. A trace of ink and wash painting, which will never be finished, will always be the intricate sea-like feeling.     Air – dried ink, and those words on the paper, also gradually evolved into an immortal parting song.     This city, this dream, the viewer is not surprised, the fan is not awake …[ pen down at this moment, wine is always light and love is thin ]after many years, clouds and clouds soon appear, flowers bloom and fall, people gather and disperse, who cares and who has compassion? In desperation, I read thousands of thoughts in my heart and wrote ten articles in my pen..     Autumn night, always very quiet. It was not until a cool breeze passed through my ears that I realized that perhaps I was a mediocre person and would worry for no reason.. Shaohua, who has passed away, has always been hidden in the bottom of my heart. I can’t give up and let go of it..     And today, perhaps this cup of wine, this season, is too sentimental, will again make oneself sleepless and tearful.     At this moment, whether it’s fireworks outside the window, or the dim night in the cup, smoke cloud, the end of the song, the end of the wine is light and the feeling is thin … ( 7: 88175480 )