Encounter, during the rainy season

Q. tears every day, without a word, the Red was a few ecstasy.In the blooming season, I met you – text, from that moment, I can not help falling in love with you.I do not know if you pull the red line joking with me, or I will not escape your fate draw dungeon.Ask the heavens, is silent, and asked the Red get, get is ecstasy.  How I met you in my most beautiful moment, I have struggled worship for thousands of years before the Buddha.Your little pain, touched my heart moved; your delightful, bewitched me confused mind; your passion, incite my growing feeling cold.I found that love you, my life has become an integral part of.  Like in your company, spend a Yudabajiao wind that child spent the night; like under your care, with my cup of Melancholy, the bright lights of the whole world; like in your breath, the paper carefully a vision, about the soul from my thoughts.Like you, is so simple.In the season of rain fell in the blooming season, mind you, I think it is a kind of happiness, a sense of joy.  Slowly, he picked up a prime pen, on paper in yellow, the endless engraved you.I know you can best express thoughts full of half a slice of Su Jian carried; you can best appreciate the beauty of the leaves rustling rain dripping pathos of; the best you can get a glimpse of a candle according to the Iraqi people, friendship candle west window of rain were cut.With you, blank memory add colorful; with you, evil souls for eternity sublimation; darkness is around the corner with New Hope.I feel everything is so incredible, yet so real to follow.  Yau world has come to realize the millennium, in case you’re in an instant.I would like to fold lines drunk butterfly flower, to express my fascination as butterflies floral pursue you; I want to pick flowers Myosotis, I bring out your constant love; I want to twist flowers Cymbidium, ushering in an era of bright red red , let the world know you exist.  You’re pregnant with warm my lonely soul, fate led, looking back at the old edge, it seems that you and I have met hundreds of years ago.I search for you, until today after thousands of years, in my most beautiful when you met.Do not need too many words, just the mind communicate with each other, then you are to me, I would be your.  Yo sunset fangfei, love deep as the sea so it is hard shallow.Curled up in that touch of quiet years, sipped a cup of tea, either around surround mixing, cautiously holding you, in shiny red sunset hours, read my feelings, my thoughts flying.Even if time goes by, years of relentless, take away my youthful looks, for your love, but it is a lesson sun and the moon.Create a clear sky, where only you and I footprint, we were there, accompanied by the old.  Chase search to find your footprint, it opens the door to go in to do Bliss.Listen to the sound of ocean waves crashing, you write that charming poem, see, falling everywhere, that is what you whisper out of the ecstasy songs.I do not know what language to use to express my heart, that bit by bit, broken pieces of the stars of the text is difficult to me to express my love for you, please allow me to do a poem for you.  Only a handful of stars on empty months, Phi cream only dream pillow pity.  Every word Abas difficult to refuse, the king is willing to keep Riming.  In case you, the flowers of the season, like you, Snow swirling in the season, read you, in love for life in.