Dusty up mood

Afternoon, lying on the couch, flipping through a message micro letter classmates circle, everyone you made, I have a phrase, and never would I involve gathering dust for years out of the past!    Once since, a number of silence in memory of quietly shelved in my mind, blurring the image of the years they had fixed in those days that those moments of time.Perhaps writing life is like now?    Years like water, we can not see in the days gradually lost their own.I can not expect too much there, so that my youth back to that era again, because in those days, had burned my youth time, my heat exhaustion once, even, I thought about death!Adolescent confusion, restlessness of youth, and once I get lost in humanity’s predicament and not their own!    When With this burden on my grades had slipped, then, just when the students sleep, I put myself buried in the bed to go to meditate and wanted to hide in a place where people can not see?Share of deliberately avoid, obstacles can not be solved sooner or later the heart, because confused youth is like the wind tidbits defeated, unable to find his way home!I seem to go on a crossroads in life?    Who can give yourself confused, do a road guide?So I thought of the opera, the encounter fairy rescue of people like this, and finally I became fascinated hero of the story?    At that time, it may be a confusion of life, and like most people, I take the way of testing the waters to see fortune-telling Mr. tempted, but when the good news, most of the fortune teller are good words to appease the decline So often thought sometimes get some comfort, even invisible to increase their own little self-confidence!But I do not advocate this approach, because, after all, is a practice I ears while stealing a bell, stupid make themselves feel ridiculous!    Fast forward a few years past, when the recall these memories away, always feel some of the behavior, manners and ideas is really a bit of an unreasonable.Yes, the share of youthful restlessness and confusion, like a rope, put us firmly tied, the ropes if not this, then, each of us youth text may not look now held!    Distress, anguish as youth at every stage of life has not listed outside.Lost in the youth in me, it became a ghost years, in this way of life, can not see the road ahead, stumbled, and scars all over his face, beard began to grow, like a spring seedlings unearthed in Meng long season of youth.At that time of life, although the most robust stage in the body, but in his heart was very fragile, like a thin paper windows (perhaps modern forgotten a thing), once pierce his heart everything will be all exposed in the light of the sun below, fear, fear, anxiety, confusion!    Adolescence is the main energy consuming Love, emotional agitation, demanding desire, even far from thinking of the pain, must all consume energy in our lives!Who can give us compensation for it?For this reason, I often pray to god, pray to be able to donate one universe sun!Do pray for a lucky guy!    Everything Resentment can not be pilgrims in this temple, whenever the holidays, I like a devout believer, along with his parents, went to the temple to worship size, because, in the face of that invisible fetish, where I hope to find relying on the!I am not advocating superstition, it is indeed a youth sustenance, in that era, because fear and can not find the answer.Recall that the memory of life, again smoky, along that aroma, with his own prayer slowly rose thick in the air, I felt as if a heavy left the body, only soul Manwu between this dust, only the soul was easy to feel infinite!    Section of the road, and his love.When the light touch this section of his own youthful memories, I suddenly felt my body here on earth, this world is not also a dust?Born on earth, wandering the earth.Excessive pray, undoubtedly a bad move for our lives consumed?Desirable and undesirable, in some cases, can not help themselves, they can not get their own by the!    Life on the road ahead, look to take a firm, youthful life, as if squeezed between morning cloud seam of a beam of light, even if it’s weak, but for the people of the dawn, it is a piece of the most beautiful memories!    Time flies, at some time, we have to sort out their own scattered state of mind, as we daily comb your own hair, we will not be confused his eyes something.One person getting bigger and bigger, more and more sort of things, learning troubles, the life of hardship, cause confusion, and sometimes even the existence of speech, we must also become a sort of content.A person can not understand a word, but when a person is to understand a word, this one is perhaps the simplest had a rotten soul coming up, there is a need to Ganchangcunduan with whom you?    Is a human.We do not just want to put their own desires all loaded into, learn to give it a bit of space objects, otherwise we will not be eager to toss this human world and the tears, and even make their way in life into despair!    We are not saints, but to learn to remember the Word: Know the weather, attitude to life, polite, KAP!    2016.Fives.26