Dongmei drunk shadow, carrying incense to

Morning, listen to the birds sing, feel Shu Mei Fragrance.Salutations as usual, between a call for a smoke, your heart sunny, disperse cold winter.  In this peaceful light years away, the smile of the sun and the moon Enron, the heart to put Wei Zhen.Books and beloved music as partners, with shallow time for the dance, and the wall of Mei Xiang were drunk, this should also be a beautiful and happy.    In January morning twilight a flower, a mountain of calm water.Fragrance carrying a pulse, faint Hunmeng carrier, a silent years of quiet good scenery.Then heaven and earth clear, pale shadow Mazumdar.In quiet winter morning, look forward to a touch of the sun.Quietly in the depths of the soul, a touch of warmth between feeling deep heart to heart.    Night north sad robins, snow because if the wind catkins.Tian were a pale silver overlay, see Liao Ji Lake Causeway Movies.Zhou Ze dream only to re-visit places, yesterday met his wife today.Handle reflect the fishing boat were warm, shallow micro-tipsy wine Xunxun.Small court scene from the show, at most cold style.Fragrant yellow snow floating fine, clear white walls Kate.The thinning tiles, Fun uniform read chord zither.I played sound a loud, clear vent Hua Yan.    Meet friends and plum snow, laughing lightly reflected sky.Snow guard clad in plum, plum incense to send snow season.Flirtatious nurturing Yan peach, plum raw cold pressed worthy of shame Rui.Ignorant feelings benevolence bitter, astringent March lazy clouds are light.This quality noble desire fall, Johnson Yumian body, again got drunk flowers.Rui Han Yan beyond the pale seeking proud, subtle fragrance alone lead the soul Cui Ning.Can Hong Liu Jin Cui did dance, love is reluctant, only seek to spend Xin Mei.Sea moon strains and tears, contrary to the concentric love Mo.    Fundus scenery unable to retain, for the fear of passionate, no Lianhua sentence for.To love clouds cover the edge of love, flowers that are at Acacia.Read resistance between melancholy thoughts, what day the wind, is not bustling main.Hugh said the old road sun and the moon, but unfortunately the admiral to spend no master.White jade carving, cutting element Wan, Shu-Yun trip hedge.Winter snow sleep soundly, woke Tan Chun map.Ice reincarnation seems to tears, pathos shy, gentle breeze Xu, fallen rustled.Hong mud cakes, Yan Fang diffuse bands, Spring Creek fiber into shadow.Unaksan away thinking, way back in the bird fans.Poor Jun heart I do not know, look at flowers difficult to look.This for flowers, of Lei Yu v..    Snow pressure plum-like life, suffering the bitter cold of a few heavy, until spring return Qun Yan, still laughing east dance iron bars.Whispering no winter to spring and know Mei show off.Cycle of the moon is good, who belong to this Night’s Dream?    Laughing poetry cuddle jade snow, but also against the plum cup Nuanjiu.Yan Qing court painting winter night, the sounds of quiet good I am with Seoul.Xiaoxiang Park alone, the water dark and Joseph Liu shore, the boat shift flick green algae clothes.Tears ripples, whirling see red carp.I Heart weeping tour Gu Ying, Fei Xu floating body soul grief, sobbing someone melodious flute.Yuanyang both, meditation people Yiyi.    There were numerous verse, fell relaxed encounter.What is the plum in full bloom, or the snow Zhicheng?Quietly condensed into a sparkling world.With the blessing of snow, plum fragrance saved a point simply.Mei due to the holding of skim, snow wish pull a ray of poetic soul.We never expect, but really have.Never forget, just waiting for silence.    Flower dream early language, it garrulous Acacia sentence.Inner Voices pass along by the wind, Jiaochen wrong dial melody.Kam Chun color of passion, love affair Yan bone ecstasy, is a most beautiful tree, swaying style have.      2012.12.29