Deep summer Machines

Xia deep, verdant trees, hazy landscape.Best of all, the summer twilight, quiet small building in the curtain, window grilles football semi-shadow, listening to the rain.Out the window, a misty rain, Castle Peak, such as Dai, dense fog, in this quiet tranquil moments, sweet hearts also quiet, listening quietly, Lili raindrops hit by years of tile eaves, touching on the dark green banana leaves, customs million, gradually becoming soft light, like a charming girl’s tears, Cecil strands, sweet sweet honey.// faint fleeting, terraced rice paddies Red Dust, listening to the rain is a pleasant wonderful thing.Ancient poetry, works on a lot of listening to the rain.Even the “Dream of Red Mansions” in the forest sister like Li Yishan “listen to rain on lotus leaves” of the sentence.The most famous one is listening to the rain when the word Song, Jiang Jie’s “Beautiful Lady Yu”: “Young upstairs listening to the rain song, Candle faint Luozhang.Passenger boat in the prime of life listening to the rain, low cloud wide river, off the goose called westerly.Now listen to the rain under Monk House, temples have been the stars.Joys and sorrows always ruthless, by the previous step, bit by bit to the dawn.”Jiang Jie listen to the rain when the mood is quite complex.He is listening to the rain this thing to summarize his life, from childhood, the prime of life until old age, to the “joys and sorrows always ruthless,” the state.He rustled in the rain, the cold and warm taste of life, the vicissitudes of life in the slightly sad.// favorite, the late Tang Dynasty poems prince Li Shang-yin, “Ye Yu Ji Bei”: “No Jun asked return date period, Evening Rain up autumn pool.He cut when a total of Lin Ku, but then issuing news.”Li Shang-yin’s life is unfortunate, and it is fortunate, because of its unfortunate life experience, it created a sweetly in the late Tang Dynasty, Liguor poems prince.His “Ye Yu Ji Bei”, written fond, lingering sweet.For thousands of years, how much genius and beauty, crazy man Maid Haiku irresolute, flow Love in the west window of his romantic poetry to create with tenderness, feeling faint hazy That Jiangnan misty rain, to feel that sweet romantic love past./ / I like the rain, rain no matter what the season, I like.She gave my image and memory, will always be beautiful. Spring leaves begin to yellow flashed green, bud swing gently in the wind, with a kind of winter it seems dim.But as long as after a spring rain shower wash, the kind of color and demeanor is hard to imagine.Every tree seems to be especially bright eyes open.Twig arms were suddenly softened, and that the germination leaves, is simply a layer of verdant undulating waves.The air seems to always transparent silk curtain hanging mist, the sun affects the color prism.At this time, the whole earth is beautiful.Grass seems like earthworms recovery as flip, rustling can be heard in the springtime.Breathing becomes fun, there are numerous air like aromatic sweet fruit, tempt nose and lips.Really, the only rain, was completely drive away the winter, before the world changed hosting the Games.// Of course, the most wonderful rain, when the number of Jiangnan, apricot, rain.Jiangnan rain is lovely, full of the most sensual.Rain gas misty psychedelic, thin Sniff, cool-cool new new, some Xulan Gui fragrance, concentrated when the escape issued in magnificent poetry graceful charm.Where tiles south light rain, wet streamer floating Yang, gray and gentle, the twilight light Ying, You An backlight is, for vision, comfort is a low.As rain knock on expanses of one thousand watts, Youyuanerjin AGAINST gently, sandwiching a thin stream along a Unit tile roof groove and gurgling diarrhea, and various glide densely woven hammering sound classification translation network, who refers to one hundred thousand refers to massage the helix.”Rain”, soft gray beauty came, she brushed the roof real estate broker Ice get countless dark gray button key ah, noon to dusk suddenly became outs, sweet love to play in the misty rain.If you are young and then came the blurred a long lane in the rain, he insisted on a flower paper umbrellas walking in the rain.Rain knock on your umbrella, raindrops splash to the Quartet, umbrella edge will be plotted in a circle cornices.And then if you were his girlfriend with an umbrella, but also a beautiful and wonderful cooperation it.The best is love, a little excited, a little more embarrassed, between ambiguous, great little rain might.Perhaps true love, is probably the excitement does not need an umbrella, holding hands in the rain bolted away, the young long hair and skin of Linlinlili to the sky, then the cheek tasted cool and sweet to each other’s lips rain, enjoy the deep love sweet taste.This spring, he became drunk and south, drunk love.// Once, in a autumn rain in the evening, even places barberry mountain, tree incense Qin nose, cold night attack elbow, looked on the Run Bi wet Tsui gray mountain shadows overlap and Wan decorated all the rest are silent, immortal, like sleep go with.Mountains and light rain the night, woke up the next morning, the sun did not rise in raw quiet, directed at the cold overnight, marching off the floor of the Ke broken branches and thin stocks are still pouring rain, and a path of exploration deep into the woods , another curved, hundred thousand turn back.Autumn Mountain, tree dense thick fog, lush water vapor rising from the bottom, while the lean when thick, transpiration scene, turned into amorphous, can only be broken at the empty Yunkai from fog, i.e. implicit glimpse Zhaxian Cut half of a peak to an overview of the whole picture, is almost impossible.Until the line to the hillside to get a glimpse of Peaks corner of the vast expanse, as if playing a game of hide and seek.Back home, friends asked, in addition to heart laughed off the question from the music, outside of pretending to be mysterious, in fact, that the mountain amidst the deep poetry has long been keeping everything.// the onset of winter, the rain had make-up, she often turned into a beautiful snowflake, floating in the air come to earth.One day in the evening, snowflakes, beautiful elf angel landed Room.The following morning, you looked outside, the roof, branches, streets have been covered with soft snow, shining brighter than the floor of heaven.This wizard rain, rain princess, to the north of the city and fields bring abnormal Mi static, she is the rain gave people a gift last year.// rain outside the window, still under the, fishes continuously, bit by bit, just more touching, more sweet.//