Couples heart

Since starting to get married, they each perform their duties, dedicated to the maintenance of their homes, although there are shock waves, which will force you near misses, ordinary life sometimes need a little boost to enrich their lives, appropriate quarrel will bring unexpected results, so understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, but also gain each other’s trust and tolerance, after each has some thoughts and ideas, and so calm again do we deal with each other to find his own shortcomings, such continuous improvement flower of love bloom under their own circumstances more radiant and timeless, the older becomes more delicate heart, regardless of whether they are caused by subtle changes in each other’s attention or worry, fear that anything should happen.Originally himself inadvertently let the other little things will tremble with fear, even furious that end even interfere with each other’s freedom, understanding will feel very happy and pleased; do not understand or feel wrong to feel resentment, and even find each other loved him , I feel life is hopeless depressed all day, then looking the other way in the eyes of anxious heart, know there had been a misunderstanding patiently to explain, how your body are not do not know, I know you hurt the kids want to make us share some , you have to do what it can!You do any of his temper got to you can afford it?That’s like you helped us to maintain, and if something happens you you let me and the children how to do it!We do not add more to the burden it?The children also thought that if you live?You can not forget the momentary gratification of our feelings, you know.?Whether your future into what are my children and the treasure, you do not have to worry about our hearts will not change, just outside of life getting better, life will become colorful, which is spread from him like a child Johnson, the mouth can not be convinced of happiness, but also murmured do not you say I do not understand your mind. In this environment, growing up kids to know how to care for the weak, but also develop a good habit compassionate elderly parents every move will affect the child’s life, that is the force a child to break through the barriers of the gas stations of life, that scene touched their lives, and even teach their descendants. In old age this attitude is more serious, what goes without saying to each other in everyday life?Just a look, a movement is enough, no matter how bustling himself can not bear to let the other party to intervene.So when the other person suffer pain, he was more anxious to know what to do.This pain as much as the people seriously ill, both sides know at this time how the heart is suffering, so the patient is not strong spiritual grimaced as possible, try to relax attitude adjustment to ease the pressure on the other side, put a smile heap on the face.Because both the constitution is not very good, no matter what kind of heart experiencing the torment also try to create a harmonious atmosphere, cheer for each other stick to their patch of net.Do not allow any storm to impact this treasure, so a care for each other, with action instead of language, a reminder to take medicine so do not forget the other arm with each other, to this treasure he held out for ten years, for this decade he paid a price unimaginable, he gave up a comfortable life to take up the task of the family, he always had the idea of a woman is at home, always thinking there will be a miracle.He said that we already do not like complete than two right-hand man, and I want to do our utmost to protect this hand I try to make her less harm.For her speedy recovery made up many lies or promises, but he paid lover do not understand, because she had dementia is.Wake up this slumbering soul and his staff work together to find her preferences to stimulate young she hopes to evoke her memory, so to insist that for so many years, he was every morning to her favorite restaurant meals are holding a rose, always smiling every time imagine love to say hello sir, please dine in this bar.Every time I hear these words seemed Oath, may face still smiling at the flowers for her.Who advised him to give up, so you get older and why it yourself seriously?No matter how good she did not know her, like this man, even if you do not give her her good fortune.He laughed and said so many years we have lost a couple of how open ah!She does not know me but I man she ah!I do not want to give myself regret.Every time she wants to see me like the first meeting, back when we were young, look at her face and like in love, as each time she has come about as a slight variation, I also brought back of good memories.So you do not feel very hard?Even with such people together to chat too incoherent, this life boring and tedious and I do not know how you get through it.In fact, you do not understand our inner world, the kind of feeling you say no, though she did not know me she also brought me joy and surprise, is the feeling I insist on for so many years, in the face of difficulties I just thought she was still at home waiting for me, my whole body is full of vitality, she is like a child grow up I need intensive care, I like her Zhangbei and cast his guard her responsibility.