I guess the heart, writing cooking wine

Cang slowly weave twilight sky, the night was deep。I do not know when, moon hanging branches, at Huanxi moonlight night just like that of the pool of clear springs。This will gently sink into the heart of Hong springs salvaged, there was calm after being washed。This night is too long, the wind too cold, I hid in a word, a pot of warm years of wine, drunk ink incense。  ——Inscription listen to the song "Zen cloud water" from the ding-dong sounds, still if, saw, comfortable Lonely lengthy drifting away; heard the gurgling water wading from the ear。Let the heart was quiet, for the time being forget the dust of a lot of trouble, had only one clear。Zen Zen, Zen why do it after all?Zen in our seemingly oracular, but in reality not。in short“Conscience”It tells the true meaning of the word is enough to the。Whether people know about, or vegetation, as well as among the world all have the universe“heart”Thing, all have their original mind。Zen is a state, is a Zen experience, Zen is a great wisdom。What is it great wisdom?Integration is the legal wisdom, as there are thousands of empty kind of wisdom can be described as the interpretation of Zen。In fact, Zen is also you and me (her), our side。The Zen sentiment, is their perception, perception that others can not be replaced。The heart was moving, then was calm static。That is absolutely stupid an idea Wisdom, a concept that is wisdom Wisdom of Health。Always wanted to pursue a perfection, but often far from ideal and the reality, not the hearts of the initial appearance……Think about it, in this world had nothing perfect, want to open, figured out it is perfect。Mind flashed that Buddha, he Instinct Red lotus meditation beings, in fact, Buddha is affectionate。He once risk being robbed, only water and sky Lotus Buddhist Pure Land; Buddha is love, so I dropped the Red you, more of a choice many friends, to find a clean escape。  Life fall into the mundane world, this world will enjoy the many feelings。Think about it, all the world love Jie set number。Sigh, the promise is not necessarily destined to those who love, love those who are not necessarily destined, even a doomed love Jie it, revel all with love。Buddha, Looking back five hundred years, only to change this life rub shoulders。That leading edge of the cycle of life, can remember?Those left behind oath of Lethe, Sansei stone carving those promises it?Buddha edge set whose son, life experience, somewhere past life is doomed, not only the love of life。  If so, give a definition of love, rummaged through my mind, but how laid hold of the right words to describe。Love gives us the feeling too abstract。In fact, think about it just a promise sensory perception。Those who love, we have defined as the name of love exists。Love long, it is love lingering; Henyou You, it was cold at love。Cold or warm。Unpredictable people, guess the heart, and few people can discern it?Xu had "lonely hearts" and said: My world is too quiet, so quiet you can hear my own heart beat。Ventricular atrial blood flow back slowly, this kind of reincarnation。Smart people like guess the heart, may guess the hearts of others, but also lost their own, silly people like to heart, may be cheated, but may not be able to get someone else, you think I'm bulletproof, I thought you vulnerable to the attack……It turned out that each person different attitude towards life, towards the feelings of the way also has its advantages。  In this mortal world, no one may desire a true love, the man is really in love with their own hopes of finding their own。The truth can make unforgettable each other, the promise of the end of time the oath; let this truth to each other in life and death, the promise of guarding the highest power; and this truth true love, deep bone marrow because of the vicissitudes of life, people can not extricate themselves, I love the pain……In the face of love, everyone becomes humble like。It has been speculated that she (he) really love me?She (he) will love me until when?She (he) as if I love him (her) like I love?I guess to guess, guess guess tired heart……  Fall in love with a passionate man, not just pieces of romantic thing。Where hard, perhaps the only already know。The Dream has been set。Accidentally hitting his message Daiyu, the moment was broken five internal organs, thinking trance to the outside of the sky, the moment her heart must have wondered: parents and ordered?Or negative feelings gem?We all know that Dream of Red Mansions, Baoyu and Daiyu love relationship Baochai of this triangle pattern, but who can really make it clear that love is exactly what it looks like?Passionate gem。Daiyu affectionate。When caught in a passionate affection, will not escape the misery of love。Frail her is being handed the kind of heart pain, plus act speak very careful, attentive but skeptical, can be described step by step carefully, always Danjing, fear of their own do not pay attention to sudden, what a joke。In love before, when faced with this kind of situation gem, can not completely free and easy self-confidence。Fast forward ten years time, her is always guess the heart。Guess gem of a heart, in the end on how much his body?I guess in the end how much he approved of Jinyuliangyuan?Huarong Xian Zi guess he's tempted Baochai how much?I guess the heart, always worried。Worried, naturally tired heart。Daiyu removed sleepless night after night, but my heart is that of a uncertain。Both suspended heart of marriage, also is not assured gem。Makes a heart, debilitated!  We all know that the Republic of China Huiyin and talented woman romantic poet Xu Zhimo once had a romantic relationship, and why it ultimately Xu Lin Huiyin no choice?Does she never really loved him right?Xu has been very fascinated by Lin Huiyin, Xu believes hinder the further development of the relationship between two people should be their marriage, in pursuit of perfect love in his heart, of his wife Zhang Youyi resolutely filed for divorce。At that time Huiyin is talented woman, and very beautiful。Of course she will fall in love with this Xu“Jun was”Love his handsome handsome, love his enthusiasm sincere, romantic love him, love his poetry was Smirnov。But when she saw Xu cold to find its exhortation to his wife Zhang Youyi knock down a child's behavior, make her feel this man is irresponsible。Huiyin is rational, she wants to have a caring heart is the courage to play man to accompany the side。And Liang Sicheng and gave her enough“Big Man”Tolerance and open-minded。Perhaps, Xu Lin Huiyin has not discern why would resolutely away from him while he was in extreme pain when, how did not expect to have to bring his wife what kind of damage it?When he heard Zhang Youyi said to have his child, he exhorted his destroyed, Zhang say some people who will die for the moment, but how impressed not just this man, his beloved husband, Xu said at this time one"Very rich philosophy"Words: there are people die of it by train, do you see other people do not train yet?Perhaps such a thing, let Huiyin Hsu's made up his mind to leave。  Lin Huiyin life encourage people to Mu, also a Republican talented woman, Eileen Chang's love and marriage can be described as tragic but made us food for thought。If the theory of talent, Zhang Ailing better, so why would it failed marriage?This love outset doomed to be wrong, but Hulan Cheng Zhang Ailing only noticed his suave, smart funny, but he is ignoring a traitor, she could not see his personality is not perfect。He worked and book“I met him, I became very, very low, low to the dust。But her heart is like, from the dust out of flowers to。”This flower is opened, it can only bear bitter and astringent string of bad fruit of the flower, he can not afford a woman's life happy。Hulan Cheng "this life" from“Shaohua wins pole”To“Yonhap three shallow”If the interrupt word from justice, a“Victory”A word“shallow”Word, Jing Si hints about like。The man and the text can be described as somewhat connected, by Um comment, and when he was alive“Hype”But the concept of love but also“Creative and”Side; his heart“Frivolous clouds”But each also read“Deeply Life”a feeling of。Maybe with“in this life”After all, is a relatively old Italy, in the end how Shaohua wins pole, and finally“This life has been disconsolate, mountains and rivers empty melancholy years”。Bearing in mind, remember, also, or gratitude, the cold, not as fleeting PASSING arrived……  Buddha's disciple Ananda former monk, see a beautiful girl in the aisle, from regret and love。Buddha asked him:“How do you like the maiden?”Ananda replied:“I would like to become stone bridge, five hundred years by wind, sun and five hundred, five hundred and rain, but for this girl walked from the bridge。”The story of a Zen stone bridge is so affectionate——Ananda, there will be more like you?But at first sight it will crush?But do not ask to pay in return waiting?Ananda, a woman from Japan, after the bridge, it will just go through it, and now you have become the embodiment of the stone bridge, destined only to stay together with wind and rain。All this you know, just for that field still met and muscle in bitter Creator……These love stories deep dash, at the time described as a myth, the earth and how much love can stand the wait?How much love can stand it forever?And who gives dull day, and take hold of the Song of length?Xu mundane world of true love can stand the loneliness, withstand ordinary bar!  Lama who lived in the Potala Palace, the Dalai Lama is the most famous in the history of Tibet monk situation, though they have a clear Zen, after all, can not forget the Red happy, fit emotional care。Left to the world the first first unforgettable love poem。“Andhra queen world law, live Tathagata live Qing。”“In that Dongshan top, she raised the white moon, the young girl's face, surfaced in my heart。If you never meet, people will not fall in love, if not love, how could Acacia suffering torture。If you do not love, how can suffering Acacia boil。”“That, I leafed through the Great Mountain, not to repair the afterlife, only to be able to meet with you the way。”……  While another monk Su Man-shu situation, although several times he fled to Buddhism, does not fit the world love, emotion again and again, but to live up to many times and roots, unable to heal their own ancestry scourge, and turned to escape。Not heartless, but can not afford, a practice, the word love is all。Maguire made the final of a spray。Who can really discern what they need is inside it?Can not say, tell……  Love, sometimes really is a feeling, a bangs, feel cherished。  Love, sometimes really is a mood A but not wanted, Hand and Heart Xiangxie mood。  Love, sometimes really is a feeling, a phase-looking tire, feelings of sexual gratification!  Perhaps others say really, family, friendship, love, also, or other cherished affection, just a repair。All edge of the media, perhaps due stunning interpretation process。Hongxiutianxiang, Wife is not life。Knowing this, some people will still be fought Taotao went head over heels, and perhaps journey every human life must pass through it。  What we ask of life and the shortest distance recently?That is a stranger from the heart, the heart is the most distant distance; heart to heart love, she became the nearest distance。Heart Bridge to the Soul overlap each other。Perhaps not feel the pain of love is not real love。  Initially choose, just want to hold onto a plain love, but no one wanted to talk about, and that love is Persevering, it turns intolerable?It really is more exciting the more tortuous?Sometimes the choice of waiting lonely times, it may be just to wait, wait for it physically and mentally。No one can hinder, the name of love, to prove to each other intimate heart is love, love the people will understand。  Life and death of life, the emotional ups and downs of the story, Xu also interlinked with nature Coorong it。Yunjuanyunshu, grass hay Wing, blossom, etc.。Wang Guowei have a word:“Jun this year to see the trees flower, not a flower branches last year。”We think that there will be flowers open, they are are flowers several times, and then not tis the past。Our lives a raw autumn grass, how could come back after the Golden Age?Then we carefully when flowers bloom。Look at the flowers in full bloom, like the age of sixteen women, powder is not applied, there is a natural posture grid, dressing a little test, no half points dust Fun。Just like in the West like the attitude of calm。Bloom time, waiting around tis good woman to spend, do not let her too soon withered……  Love is a spiritual life, all the way to practice。Consonance people love one another, love, if in heart care, do not have to guess!Cook a pot of wine writing his first drunk。Happiness is a kind of insight……    Happy Princess blessing to this article friends Valentine's Day, Happy Lantern Festival double!Old lover forever darling!