Epiphyllum tears, wet heart

First met Xiao Yao, in a weekend afternoon in a bookstore。She also spiritual, sixteen years old, he is a high student; he, Xiao Yao, twenty years old, is a military school sophomore。They met each other at the same bookshelf, took a fancy to the same novel——Eileen Chang's "Eighteen Springs"。Surprised each other in the eyes, hazy feeling more than a sympathetic。A few seconds after the confrontation, panic away each other's eyes, turned and left, a left, a right。    Since then, the Spirit also had time to come to this bookstore, do not know why, always wanted to find a figure that has been flash in the pan, but have never been seen。Gradually, the heavy academic pressure and further education, so also the Spirit had not been a chance to step into the threshold of the house bookstore。That feeling hazy over time, continue to flounder also left empty shell。    Three years later, the Spirit also realized the dream of many years, was admitted to the city's best universities。The university is beautiful, yard, trees, sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance, carving station waterside, with a poetic mood。Ling also very pleased that he would write a beautiful poem of their own in this same poem campus。    On the third day after school, military training Ruqierzhi。Ling also very fond of military training, because she likes the boys in uniform, they have like poplar burly figure, a sofa-like broad shoulders, more importantly, their willpower determination, would love to remain。Ling also heard them three rows of instructors is just a military academy students and graduates of people tall, handsome, especially his pair of deep natural depression-like eyes, very trick girls like。    In many eyes looking in, their instructors dressed in military uniform appeared in front of everyone, under the cheers come and go。Ling also not alone, she has been staring at that familiar face, that figure flickering mind, was he right?In the afternoon bookstore。Suddenly trembled a little, also found his spiritual eyes straight round and round eyes another ball。Standing face to face, they surprised each other in the eyes, but also a kind of sympathetic feeling hazy。    In the next two weeks of military training, but also the spirit that he called Xiao Yao, but also determine whether he was ever remembered like "Eighteen Springs", he。During military training, his special care for her, and occasionally speaks of his college career, he said he created poetry。After military training, he also asked for a phone number to Ling, Ling also asked him for a QQ number。    Ling also liked into his space, especially the log, there are many poems, all written by Xiao Yao himself, the same elegant style, the same passionate rain。She often gave his poetry to comment, write their opinions, he often sent her text messages, sent his blessing and best wishes。    Suddenly one day, that is swirling that the cherry season, Xiao Yao called to tell her, in her own school of cherry garden waiting for her, she has to send a surprise。She went to the classroom like an arrow from Cherry Park, far away to see a military uniform of his half-leaning against the cherry tree, exceptionally awake eye attention。She slowly approached, he handed her a heart-shaped crystal ball, which also had engraved“Ling Xiao Yao also love”Five dazzling Zhuanzi。She clasped love this crystal ball, Xiao Yao immediately give a hug, she knew that she also loves him。In recent years, his shadow has been living in her memory。“Be my girlfriend!”Xiao Yao in her ear said softly。She acquiesced。Even he whisked her first kiss dedicated to him。Cherry blossoms in their heads spinning round and round children, seems to have witnessed their love。    Ling also feel very happy, finally found his other half, co-written with her life poetry volumes。Xiao Yao is a really good boy, self-motivated, all very good, love is also spirit。Every morning also gave spiritual send a short message, a time to come to accompany the study hall is also spiritual, staying in the library, enjoy campus。Everything is so nice to!    Fortunately, this time blessed happiness over four months。    A weekend, also decided to go to Ling Xiao Yao's school to see him。From love up to now, it is Xiao Yao to see her, she was a little sorry。She did not call ahead of time to Xiao Yao, Xiao Yao intention is to give a surprise。She gave the address as he found his dormitory。Roommate said he was in the hospital wing, she has not heard, they quickly rushed out, she was very nervous, worried that Xiao Yao will be anything about the situation。Have asked in the past, she found the ward。She ignorant, lying in bed not his, but a girl。At this moment, the girl holding him, Xiao Yao also holding her。How can this be?Her life is the most annoying is the betrayal, most do not like is the macho boys。    Tears fall like pearls rolling dropped and landed on the palm of the hand, but she can not feel the cold, some just pains。Angrily, the Spirit also rushed back to school, off the phone, lying in bed for three days and three nights of insomnia。Ultimately could not resist the yearning, she re-opened the cell phone, which text messages are piling up, all his, he said over and over again things are not as she would like, totally misunderstood。She was really willing to be misunderstood, he said, but she still untied the knots in my mind。She decided to look for him, to listen to his own interpretation。Again he entered the military academy where she and her far away to see him in one piece, on a bench on campus, They next, he fed her to dinner。Suddenly, her world collapsed。Huff, she ran knocked over the bowl in his hand, swore loudly“Asshole!”Then ran away without looking back。    This time, the Spirit also really heartbroken。She lost her crystal ball to send his love, but also to replace their phone number and QQ No.。Xiao Yao came to her dozens of times, but also wish to see her once, she do not believe in him, in her dictionary, she put on him“hypocritical”this phrase。Maybe they really are tired, Ling also refused to see him after dozens of times, and he never appeared also in the spirit of the campus, nor to disturb her, as if disappeared from her world。    Ten years later, in the afternoon in a bookstore weekend, they meet by chance。Surprised each other in the eyes, or the kind of hazy feeling sympathetic。    In the quiet of the restaurant, she told him she had become the mother of two girls, and he said he is still single。She softly asked about:“Then it girl?”He said:“In fact, I told the little girl, she was my friend's girlfriend。That year my friend on top due to the implementation task to the provinces, before leaving asked me to take care of his sick girlfriend。At that time she has high fever, a little nervous disorder, hazy mistaken me is my friend, and when you turn the misconception that we are ambiguous, I'll call you off, do not send text messages back。What I did not expect is that you come to my school and saw me with her intimate action。If you turn and run away, I was going to catch up with you to explain to you, but a friend's girlfriend at this time and syncope。I had to take her to hospital。After many look for you, you've been ignoring me。I am sad occasion, school leaders let me go abroad for further education, I promise。Unexpectedly, stay for ten years in a foreign country。At that end of the Pacific, I think you almost every day, all you have to look at my log every day to write a review。At the time I feel so happy, after all, your character has been with me。”Not finished, but also the spirit of Yankuangshirun, Xiao Yao's voice choked。“I am sorry!I was too impulsive。”Having also Ling tears kept dropping。Xiao Yao quietly wiped tears from his eyes for her,“Do not blame you, I should make every effort to explain it to you, I did not, no。”Xiao Yao your head and said aloud。    Night, he spooned in a restaurant dining rooms, she soon fell asleep, his face with a faint smile。He looked at her, watching her sleep, listening to her even breathing slightly。Suddenly, he saw the night-blooming cereus opened on the balcony, only a moment, he reluctantly smiled, in fact, he was so many years, surrounded by numerous suitors, but he also had only a spiritual。He came back this time, is going to take her away if she so desire。But now he knows, he and her love only remain in the memory of the night-blooming cereus, a short but beautiful。    The next day, she woke up, surrounded by empty。Looking back on her head his shadow, but found a letter put on the table bedside, she opened it, which wrote: also the spirit, I saw last night Epiphyllum open, very short, but there are floating plume of fragrance。Our love is like this night-blooming cereus, a short but beautiful。Love you, you should not disturb your life, but the love and care of keeping everything quietly, silently bless you, willing Hello。Ling also, I'm gone, never come back, you want to happiness, I do not know?Otherwise, I will be sad。Shaw always love you。    At the moment, a ray of sunshine warm and sprinkled on her, also laughed spirit, mind and said: Xiao, I will be happy, you have to happy Oh。    She flew home to catch up, because the family has loved her husband and children。    Epiphyllum tears, wet heart。