Tips to teach you the correct sunscreen sunscreen

What are tips sunscreen sunscreen has always been more concerned about skin problems, especially for some sun and often in terms of female friends, sunscreen work is very important, then how in the end the sun then following small for everyone to bring sunscreen tips to teach you the right sunscreen!Tips knowledge of a sunscreen: sunscreen is the most useful method dermis whitening anti-aging UV rays can directly damage, caused by the loss of produce, spots。 And this damage is built up from a young age。
Young metabolism faster, easier to recover from sun damage。
Once the over 30 years of age, metabolism will slow down gradually, sunburn caused by the sun, aging will be more evident。 Want whitening anti-aging, sun protection is still the most important。 Knowledge two: a case where a measured value measuring method sunscreen repair Yan isolation sun can hardly secure 2mg of the sunscreen on the skin of one cm2, real life rarely able to achieve such a coating amount, naturally sunscreen is difficult to achieve the capacity indicated。 Especially those with repair Yen polish effect of sunscreen, after a lot of smear easily become a dead white face of a geisha, so if time outdoors, can be superimposed using a sunscreen with a colorless, play better protection from the sun。 Common sense Three: If there are no sunscreen must be stated on the product description only need to be able to wash ordinary sunscreen product needs Remover。
In particular, has a polished effect repair Yen BB Cream, Cleansing Cream must。
Common sense four: in the sun have done enough homework in addition to sun protection tips coated with sunscreen, the skin from within to strengthen the resilience of UV damage in order to make a more comprehensive sun protection, which is in the sun!In the summer you can eat some tomatoes, carrots, which contain lycopene and carotene have been shown to have a role in repair of UV damage。
?And polyphenols, anthocyanins, such as super antioxidants to reduce free radical damage caused by ultraviolet rays, may also play a role in the sun。 Relevant knowledge 1.Can a few times, so that when sunscreen sunscreen coverage more evenly。 If outdoors under the hot sun, every two hours to once painted sunscreen, after a lot of sweat will immediately be painted up。 Even indoors, it is recommended every 4?5 hours once painted。 2.When the sun is strong, it is best to wear dark clothes, rather than white。
White can not block UV light, and the black, red, purple cotton clothes is a good choice。
3.To avoid skin pigmentation, try to eat salty or spicy spicy food; do not think the room would not be subjected to UV damage, bars and restaurants all contain fluorescent intensity ultraviolet light, to go to these places, but also should do Protective measures。 For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。