What to eat can prevent mouth ulcers

In a sense, oral ulcer disease is a way of life, prevention of oral ulcers we need to make daily life in some small details。
So how do the prevention of oral ulcers do the following to introduce you to some of the measures in the diet can prevent mouth ulcers。
1, pay attention to oral hygiene, to avoid damage to the oral mucosa, avoiding spicy and acidic foods and local irritation。
2, avoid the use of toothpaste containing 12- alkyl sulfate (SLS) of。
3, to ensure adequate sleep, avoid fatigue。 What to eat can prevent mouth ulcers 4, to feel comfortable, optimistic, cheerful, and anxious to avoid things。
5, pay attention to regularity of life and nutritional balance, to develop a certain bowel habits and prevent constipation self-care is the key to prevent the onset of disease。
Daily life, diet should be light-based, over-sweet, sour, salty, spicy, dry foods are detrimental disease, but should not eat fried, frying, roasting, baking food。 Should not drink sugar water during illness。 Usually can eat oil mixed with spinach, Pear, lily, radish, water chestnut, sugar cane, to cough and phlegm, detoxification。
Child care is available in several fruit juice drink, fast food, such as puffed rice crust, shrimp, noodles, etc.。 Optional China tablets drugs, the virus Ling, oral detoxification drink。
Powder applicator topical pearl pharynx or insufflation, the therapeutic effect is very good。