Cervical erosion points of true and false teach you how to distinguish

Clinically, true and false points cervical erosion, cervical erosion is a common gynecological diseases, according to different lesion on two types of true and false, a lot of people for the two is not very clear, here we understand together it is how distinguished, each is different in where, when you are unwell proposal as soon as possible to a regular hospital for examination and treatment targeted。
First, pseudo-erosion common cervical erosion, mostly red area around the cervix, mouth。
When colposcopy, the red surface area coated with 3% acetic acid, the red region can be seen as a bunch of grapes changed locally, which was caused by the columnar epithelial edema。
The line at the biopsy, the surface coating can be seen under the microscope columnar epithelium。
Therefore, if strictly in accordance with the definition of pathology erosion, erosion does not belong here, it was suggested that called pseudo-erosion。
Clinical work seen in cervical erosion, mostly this。
True and false points cervical erosion teach you how to distinguish two, true erosion surface of the cervix more often covered mucus or purulent discharge, long-term stimulation these secretions around the cervical os immersed squamous epithelium, plus the cervix inflammatory infiltrate deep tissue, so that the covering surface of the cervix squamous epithelium and loss of energy loss, the formation of ulcers, this is true erosion。 This erosion will soon be covered by columnar epithelium its surrounding, forming a granular surface, there inevitably shiny red region, i.e., pseudo-erosion。 Our daily work found cervical erosion, erosion and more are false, and true erosion is just a short stage of the disease process, the outcome will be the surface is covered with columnar epithelium and become pseudo-erosion。