China repatriated Australia, "former member of the anti-China," Australian Foreign Minister: That is right China

  [Global Times special correspondent in Australia Li Feng in front of a local Chinese Text] Mr Hu Yuming Australia 22 complained to the Western media that he arrived in China after Shanghai Airport 21, he was denied entry and repatriated。 Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop 22 on the matter, said China has the right policies and procedures to control entry and exit of foreigners。
  According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that this year 51-year-old Hu Yuming was born in Shanghai, the last century was renamed the John migrate to Australia after 90 years·Hugh, became a strong critic of the Chinese government。
21, together with his mother from Sydney to Shanghai, but the arrival at the airport ie Chinese border officials to take away。 His mother allowed to hold a transit visa to enter Shanghai, he were repatriated。 I asked why, they say, you should know, John·Hugh said。
  "New York Times" 22, said John·Hugh speculated that they have been refused entry to the Chinese government to punish him because he supported a bill to limit foreign influence in Australia。
His misdeeds more than that。
According to reports, John·Hugh has also recently helped organize a book launch, this book is notorious, even many Australians are not the teeth of the "silent invasion of China how Australia will become a puppet state," the book said agencies in Australia widespread influence of the Chinese government。 John·Hugh also in the book to show his face, saying China is not only in the country, Australia also limit dissent。
In addition, John·Australia spokesman Hugh value or guardian of the Union。 According to Australian media reports, the organization succeeded in preventing someone tries to be held in Sydney and Melbourne, the Chairman Mao Memorial Concert。
  March 22, Australian Foreign Minister informed Bishop John·Hugh sent after the event is represented, although we are disappointed in this name (former) member of a municipal visit did not go as planned, but the Chinese have the right to control their policies and procedures for entry and exit of foreigners。