Rhinitis untreated may develop nasopharyngeal carcinoma

  Currently Kim Woo-bin NPC exposure situation, already 2 months of treatment。 Although the incidence of nasopharyngeal cancer and genetic, and environmental factors related to the virus, but in one of the daily nasal allergies and perhaps NPC predisposing factor。
One study confirmed the results of China Taiwan: the risk of allergic patients diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer may increase。 Taipei National Defense Medical Center research team collected more than 60,000 cases of patients with allergic rhinitis (allergic rhinitis queue) and more than 130,000 cases of age- and sex-matched control group control。
After adjustment for potential confounding factors, researchers observed: risk control relative to the control group, allergic rhinitis queue nasopharyngeal cancer participants will fold higher。 Each year significantly increased more than four times the risk of allergic rhinitis and patients suffering from nasopharyngeal carcinoma。
  I.e. nasal inflammatory disease, a viral, bacterial, allergen, inflammation of the nasal mucosa of various physical and chemical factors, and certain systemic diseases caused by。
The main pathological changes rhinitis is nasal mucosa congestion, swelling, exudation, hyperplasia, atrophy or necrosis。   1 drug therapy.Intranasal corticosteroids: chronic drug of choice, has a good anti-inflammatory effect, and ultimately produce a decongestant effect。 2.Nasal wash: nasal secretions are more viscous or more available saline nasal wash to remove nasal secretions, improve nasal ventilation。
3.Intranasal decongestant: choice oxymetazoline hydrochloride spray, continuous application of not more than 7 days。 For continued use, we need to break 3?5 days。 Long-term%?1% ephedrine nasal cilia can damage nasal drops, should be avoided。 If forced to use, it should be a small amount of intermittent use。
  Early prognosis reasonable control, achieved satisfactory results。
  1 day care.Usually to regular activities, exercise, enhance physical fitness; 2.Attention to climate change, timely increase, decrease clothing; 3.Less crowded during this epidemic disease in public places。
  Food conditioning more attention to rest, drink plenty of water, not a partial eclipse, nutrition should be balanced。 The diet should be light, allergic attack should eat seafood, eggs and milk easy to induce food allergies。