CBA Playoffs: put "Tiger" return Tianshan Hongyuan confidence Modiu

  Blache!Blache!Guangdong in the latter half of the last time a section of the Xinjiang team this strong foreign aid a man beat。
  Although Blache as many times as the first two games in the game, singles reckless, sloppy passes, from time to time to complain about his teammates, but today's the last one, he easily gave in Guangdong brought great trouble。
Blache front section 3 only get 11 points, but at the beginning of Section 4, Xinjiang coach Li Qiuping not even put him on the floor; he took seven or eight points difference in the game at their own pace Tigers when, Blache began his show。
  Perhaps Li Qiuping arrangement of tactics is very simple, and that is to put the ball Blache – he can open any of the top basket Chun, easily put the ball into the basket; he can cleverly put the ball up, to manufacture long shot Lee opportunity; while in the basket fouls, free throws Bo is easy。
Just when the game 1 minute Blache hit a deadly 3-point shot, Xinjiang team to 93 than 92 go-ahead score, the ball sentenced to death Tigers – later time, the Tigers never I did not get a point。
  Blache in Section 4. Section playing time only a half to get 15 points!Section 4 of this magical, maybe just a microcosm – the face of this team in Xinjiang, and compared to the first two, is not so different from the start。
They played a good start, once the Tigers ahead by 19 to 9; although the Tigers once and then play smooth offensive, the go-ahead score, even ahead 10 points, but the Xinjiang team has been doing this a more high morale。   "Today we have stressed before the game, do not give up。 "Xinjiang coach Li Qiuping said earnestly:" To believe in ourselves, are capable of。 Our first two games on both ends is problematic, also lost more than 120 points……Today those firms defense, all the forces are concentrated on defense, we received the results。
"Compared to this team in Xinjiang and the first two games, the change is to reduce the senseless man operation – despite the last minute is still dependent on foreign aid, but the comparison, the Tigers did not state the first two so good, so this elimination it long, winning is not surprising。
Hongyuan now "put" back to the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang team, following the game to be more attention。   "Far from simple" game "Everyone thought this series would simply end, but this Xinjiang team is very strong, they are last season's Champions!You expect to win the game easily?this is not right!"Yunus said after the game some indignation。   Guangdong Hongyuan in Xinjiang team to start was a "blow" – a wave of Xinjiang offensive team start and the 3-point attack, let them lead by 19 to 9。
But the Tigers soon completed a self-adjustment, the match at the end of the first section, Section 2 also even in Xinjiang team-leading 10 points。 Then the pace of the game seemed to be leading and old play catch-up, even in the beginning stages of Section 4, the Tigers also established a 10-point lead, but when the other side of Blache a shout, the score advantage somehow lost。   The last attack of the game several times, quite open to question – in the last minute when the Tigers team is Xinjiang a successful anti-clock violation。
"That attack, in fact, does not need the pick and roll, but rather a dozen a result players have not heard misunderstanding, hit the screens, the results lead to double-team, the ball did not run so smooth……"Yunus said。 Sloan followed a single ball attack, nor scored, Yunus blamed "Sloan lack some luck."。   Yunus details for the implementation of the final moments of the game, feel a little angry: "Our last few minutes of the attack and the tactics are playing well。 I can not always pause before the attack, and then tell them how to play。 And in the other side there are several ball does not enter the case, we do not grab the ball, which is really incredible。 "Yunus reluctantly said:" Things have happened, we should do is make the decision, take a good next step。
"" It was a playoff game, not child's play。
This is our lesson。
"After the game encourages team captain Zhou Peng Do not lose confidence:" Xinjiang team, we played the previous two particularly good, so we are confident that the road would be more difficult, but we will fight to win on the road。 "Both sides March 22 will be the fourth contest series in Urumqi。
In another quarter-final, Liaoning at home to 123 than 119 beat the Beijing team, the total score of 2 to 1 lead。