BOE fund-raising total of 300 billion merger hit the one hundred billion overweight panel business layout

Venture 25 years, ups and downs of the BOE panel industry has finally become a world leader。
Last year's net profit is expected to reach 7.5 to 7.8 billion yuan, out of the more successful investment and more losses, the more investment and more losses quagmire。
Today, the company re-start。 The evening of March 8, BOE A breath bulletin released three projects, total investment 965.2.3 billion overweight panel business。 This is the largest investment since its establishment on the same day made。
Public information, Wang Dongsheng, a former accountant stepped in as the establishment of Beijing Orient Electronics Group, led by entrepreneurs 2,600 employees。 For 25 years, the BOE panel focused on the business, industrial layout by frequent mergers and acquisitions, integration, and ultimately grow into an industry leader panel。
According to Changjiang Daily reporter to incomplete statistics, since 2010, BOE implementation of a certain scale mergers and acquisitions amounted to 11 cases, the total transaction price of 243.0.3 billion yuan。 And from 2000 to 2013 in 14 years, the company invested a total of 1874.7.5 billion yuan。 To support the BOE's king of the road, companies frequently raising。
Wind data show that as of the end of September last year, the company accumulated fund-raising up to 3163.1.2 billion yuan。 Wherein, given by five times, once raising bonds Total 808.6.8 billion yuan。
In addition, according to incomplete statistics, from 2007 to 2016 in 10 years, the company won a government grant 73.300 million yuan。
25 years, sword。
Last October, the company build China's first, the world's second flexible production line in Chengdu advance production quantities, Samsung succeeded in breaking the monopoly, China has taken a solid step for the localization of high-end alternative。 At the same time, the company's profitability has increased dramatically。
In 2007-2011 five-year, non-profit company deduct 5 consecutive years of losses, while last year's net profit is expected to reach 7.5 to 7.8 billion yuan, almost five years to fill the deficit。 One hundred billion investment project to consolidate the industry leader BOE A panel of investment in the field of further sharp overweight。 The evening of March 8, BOE A three bursts project announcement, involve panel business。
According to the announcement, one of the project for the BOE intends to invest in Wuhan high-generation TFT device (TFT-) production line and supporting the project (high-generation means 10.Generation line 5)。 The total investment of 46 billion yuan, another investor Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone Industrial Pro Airport Development and Investment Group and Hubei Yangtze River Economic Belt Industry Funds Management。 BOE said the large screen size to become the future trend of development, the company take the lead in building 10.Generation line 5 and introduced into self-developed copper wiring technology, has realized scale applications。 Timely follow-up of this project, we can better fill the future of large-size, market vacancy oversized product areas, expanding TFT-LCD industry in market share, build stronger competitive first-mover advantage, consolidate the company's position is displayed in a large field size。 Meanwhile, Wuhan surrounding area has taken shape in the semiconductor industry cluster display, the company can further develop 10.Pulling effect 5th generation line, the introduction of world-renowned key components, raw materials manufacturers, to strengthen inter-industry cooperation and expand production line layout, the fast implementation of quartz sand to complete the whole digital TV industry chain, product manufacturing, industry cluster effect play, upgrade the company's overall competitiveness in terms of TV panels。
(Flexible) production line, the main products targeted for high-end mobile phones AMOLED display and new products, plans to invest 46.5 billion yuan。 For this project, BOE believes that this project is another major company in the field of strategic layout in AMOLED is an important milestone in the realization of the industrialization of the device AMO。
The project will further enhance the company's overall production technology, full-screen mobile phones, car and foldable notebook high value-added products will have mass production, not only to enhance the company's small and medium-size high-end display, especially in the field of flexible AMOLED market share, and more help enhance the company's overall competitiveness in the global semiconductor and consolidate cooperation with domestic and foreign brand customers, develop more market space and applications, to show for the global semiconductor industry initiative, to further enhance the company's profitability is important。
BOE released the same day of the third project is planned to build the Suzhou Industrial Park invested projects with total investment 40.2.3 billion yuan。 The project will help the company play an ability to integrate resources to implement the strategy to deal with things intelligent manufacturing trends, promote intellectual-made services business to upgrade and enhance the profitability of Dynegy's business group made service and competitiveness。 At the same time, help to reduce labor costs, improve efficiency and quality。
One hundred billion investment in the BOE sparked great concern, a number of brokerage research reports released called to lead the rise of the flat panel industry, help the company continue to increase market share。