Cinnabar in my heart, I love you pour

Early summer night, tired heart, I like holding a cup of pale tea, looking quietly nestled in the heart of the destination window。Summer dispersed by the wind in my hair, and Wu Qi wind chimes on the window frames。Melodious sound of the symphony mildly sweet but blurred around people。An inspiration suddenly struck my head Nai and soul, suddenly, I really want to write an article about you。Without thinking that the title will emerge in front——‘Cinnabar in my heart, I love you pour’。    Life between centuries fingertips, is the ebb and flow of the day is Huakaihuaxie season, the full moon is the moon a year。Life on the road sentiment, years in settling the aroma。After the Red heavy goods have love, I feel love roses refreshing; looking around dead downtown square that is really nothing exciting。Too long a dust pan ordinary day, I miss you square that is also a strange romantic。This sincere nostalgia, only days to know to know you know I know。  It is said that life is short, do not miss people should not think, not on things people should not read。However, I believe not many can do it live。Mortal, like nostalgia past。‘Beautiful as ever’This word comes from?Perhaps love is the answer complex。First love, even if he was poor, such as washing penniless, even if he never gave you a penny had never send you a gift, even if he never who held your hand and never uttered a word‘I love you’, Even if he had reserved Burma timid as a mouse, even if he has millions not, however, he is in your memory, always forefront astral。  Calm life, I have been in the pursuit of!However, God has never let me get away。So, I do not ordinary and extraordinary Munich, the level of wind, waves still not quiet。Sometimes, I really kind of hard to avoid feeling totally disheartened。Whenever so helpless on the occasion, I would stand at the window, very thick in the sky that you are familiar with。Thoughts of flowers with white clouds walk, slowly gathered into a knot。This knot, except you can not open the world's craftsmen。  Barrage of life, can not stop my thoughts to you。Although there are too many disappointments in life, but the memory of first love but always fresh and charming fragrance visible。Your smiling face British tolerance, always blooming with youthful luster。I have been unable to get rid of you from my mind, so my heart you are still very young as ever。The memory of the campus, always so memorable。You always look like or when the memory of the flowering season。  The balcony was spotless flowers, scents。I admire the beautiful flowers, lamenting Huakaihuaxie, and understand the ebb and flow of life。Small swallow slow pharynx begin to taste the tea, the ups and downs of life also comes with chewing floating in the air。I use the left hand holds the gills, right hand plucking the mind that the no harp。Unconsciously, I can not help the body rolled into the curtain inside, overlooking the distant horizon where you。Accompanied by memory, I ask myself, why can not I always forget you?The answer is: the vicissitudes of life, though we never meant, but it is also a kind of happiness。Because, we are in each other's hearts, still beautiful as ever。  Thoughts of flowers, full of night sky。That fragrance accompanied by rising share of mind aloof, leisurely drifting into the night sky。Love songs, singing by the moon。The sky is not twinkling stars, but in my heart you are clear picturesque。At this moment, poetic loneliness, lonely Cantabile。Honey, please allow me to open up and poetry make waves, try clog shoes, you Yong Chung。I cry in front of this heaven, you hear me?I would hesitate to the sky, you see it?I lingered at the moon in it, you feel it?  Miss the road, though pale and tired Chen, but my life, destined to drift accompanied by the fetters of life。Honey, you know?I was lonely soul exile footsteps, rustling gradually been lost in the water curtain in。Honey, let me Fengyun due Qiannian and desperate heart, romantic warmth into your heart in it!  Melaleuca surge, provision of open horizons, endless streams, crowds。No matter how many pedestrians passed me by, but no one can make me like you remember so profound。We had the same table every detail, I can recite every word。We have said that every word, made me remember。  Through the noise of the city, open minded indifference, I worked with a large mind with rebellious, just like the fin-fin moist。Cinnabar in my heart, I love you pour。I put down the tea men, the gentle fingertip flood water in lovely love。I was looking at the night sky, my dear city, please give me a quiet place to go, give me a chance to clear Huan Zi bar。I look forward to the wind, in the face of secular blocked。However, I end it a mortal, my emotions, often show most vividly in the article。  Beijing Rui Zhao, fragrant perspiration smoked。Four seasons, there is rice cooked orange, chestnut real cinnamon, have good fruit delicacies……There are a lot of people, like the mirage lips floor of erosion seen as blurred lives, their eyes staring at the money has been in the hair shiny green。There are a lot of people, like carpe diem crazy。Honestly, I do not like repeating bored of corruption。So, when I roll Mopa simple as ever in the community, often relaxed state of mind put at awkward and embarrassed。  What is love?It should be said that love in this life, and we are living in a past life or in Lai Shengyuan。Season turns warm again, Mei Mei's heart children, I am with that touch of light yellow light green dating。I am a dreamer girl, I often lonely as this spared no expense appointments。Because as long as you think of hearts, sentimental I will be happy dating。Computer games, there is steel gray-blue haze in Jubi destroyed in。I was never addicted to the game in the role, but I often live in fantasy world。I often will stagger in real life Yikusitian side, your shadow is always growing, more and more clear, more and more close to me。  There are people always say, distance is the most fatal injuries!But I want to say: If I'm in your heart, then why not ends of the earth?The time tunnel shuttle, your shadow has been stuck in the middle of my tunnel。There are often brain like this scene, I will be sad together a soft spot。  A lot of time, I will quietly brushed the dust on the memory, turn into the memories of those initial feelings between hearts and softly silent run with a warm sweet。Love you like a ray of spring or autumn touch, it became my most beautiful memories silhouette touch。Cinnabar in my heart, I love you pour, became the obsession of my heart。    Saying the familiar lyrics:“When I was alone, it can also hold you, that the more fortunate……”Should My Life is a scriptures!When someone holding up exhibition to read, you must be a thousand times thousand times chanting。Because the text on my scriptures, all because of you beautiful Ying Luo。  A bitter monk who said:“I can not let go of some things, some people can not let go。”Monk said:“Nothing is not fit。”He said:“I tend to be fit。”Monk let him holding a cup, and then entered, and pour hot water has been poured into the water overflow。Bitter were hot to immediately release the。Monk said:“Nothing in this world nothing is fit, the pain, you will naturally put down。”Although this word Zen, great philosophy。However, I still would not let go of a hot fool。  Someone once asked me: Can you sing‘Same table for you’It?  I replied:“will not!”  He said:“You really are OUT!”  I faint smile, represents the default。In fact, I am not not sing。Just because some will sing the pain to tears, so I do not want to touch the strings Flanagan。You told me that you are a sentimental girl!In the past, I can not directly answer you。But when you face, always a kind of throbbing blush。Tonight, I wrote the text for you, the eyes are moist, but their heart is bright。  ‘Cinnabar in my heart, I love you pour’Sum lonely, the end of time。Tonight fall on Pakistan banana leaves tears, dripping wet curtain hearts of people listen to the rain。My heart is flying whistles came from you。He said Red in downtown isolate you and me。We had not a single person in the world, this life is destined never meant。    Memory, and that the omission from the fence door came the wind, blew away the melancholy on my forehead, but the sweet-scented osmanthus trees growing on pre-trial shook the full House of fragrance。I see Tiaolian low, brick brick patio, and got a cool pool。Ping Ping Ting banana cluster, propped slightly inclined, as an umbrella to love, then pretty day Dan central stand in memory。Dew drops on a leaf umbrella pan bubbling hazy glow, mapping out a cinnabar tears my heart。  There are saints that go human right, the pursuit of the three wealth, not rejected out of hand, do not go to extremes, have a good balance。Like a stream, the source easily Cheering, jumping merrily。Through the mountains and valleys, twists and turns singing all the way and ran to the vast ocean。  With memories miss your eyes slightly provocative, pouring down on the ball begins umbrella leaf crystal clear, sent a cold splash of sound falls on the earth quartzite。Miss your tears, in this cute sigh covered with moss。Puzzle mark down the steps, a bottle of rose snow along the rain held engine, such as engine out of the Cinderella story of first love。  Miss the sun, no longer passionate。I being in between flowers, listening quietly whisper flowers。Finally, I reluctantly sneaked into the horizon, returned part of his world。In that moment turned, I heard Kate Whisper whisper。One kind of love flowing among the flowers, I am sensitive to the sound of the collision between the mountains and in the mind。    West famously saying:“Rose will not be because of its name is not Rose, not fragrant”。Therefore, I will not because without you, without cherish all reality。Years of quiet good, fleeting removed, corner light I lean season, according to the text of the fragrance, will miss the water, graceful swaying to tip。  Love is a flower growing in Jueya edge, it must have the courage to order picking。A surging Yang songs, carrying a miss romantic, bearing in mind all the way to really bask in the warmth。Let the hearts of the season, always blooming with roses of love, etc.。Cinderella My attitude to a snow rose for the scenery as you stand I, in the gentle fingertip in a watch‘Cinnabar in my heart, I love you pour’Obsession。  Miss you, my heart away from worldly ordinary, beyond the boundaries of time and space。You get to know this life, whether past life doomed fate or providence from improper arrangements, I have filled with infinite gratitude。Honey, when you read this article, I'm sure you can understand how deep I love you。  Plato said:“Since love, why not say it, something is lost, it can never come back”!Yes ah, now or never。Love is the soul of love, you are the embodiment of love, I love roses, etc.。Although this life we soulmate, but this situation does not heal in a futile sigh, the next life will。  A pregnant fleeting poetic surplus in his writings, and finally to win the sunny。Tidy up the lingering rain, wind free and easy to laugh at the vicissitudes of life, light and elegant past to cloud to spend sitting posture years to life freehand indifferent to Enron verdant time, so that the days of daily necessities rising, to make life in the bread and water in certain death, let butterfly Lovers love charm shine in your love in my butterfly。  In the days warm months, cinnabar in my heart, love you pour。Scriptures in hand, stride。Mind you, is sunny。Whole grains, can also fill his belly; one of the quiet room, also spiritual cultivation; half a cup of pale tea, also elegant aroma。Out the window tonight, exceptionally beautiful!