Carved lotus。Carved lotus

Former Reporter: Should the meet, just Nianhua smile, without regret。No to?    Those who follow the deep and shallow notch, I light step slow shift of attitude solidified as those lifetimes of memories blowing, it seems too gave a long wait, so I went to a reunion of this agreement。  Taken together palm hearts, engraved with the name of who?Seal the gesture, a painting, are inscribed perseverance。It is a butterfly, or Phoenix Nirvana?Grind all sharp edges, side get into it Yurun beads round。Wordless affection。  These solidification stroking gesture, as if vaguely still fresh in my mind, in full bloom CLS, in an affectionate, stubborn, desperate gesture, was silent。The original kind of waiting, would be so lengthy Juan Yong。And I smell that once seemed so hot scald my breath, after endless vicissitudes of life, quietly standing, so I return。The original kind of read like, would be so silent, silent as a mountain。And some have become blurred a long story in the context of years of time。  This Red Dust, who is crossing who, who who convert?I do not ask, you do not answer, either three thousand phantom to perform。Knowing that no results, still waiting in the dark eye color。Who tears the center, do not go lightly?Mo flowers crossing the Red, who in whose golden dreams ups, I heard the sound, not yet, not yet?Who he is, a painting and try and engraved Forget Forget。  I seem to hear your heart a deep sigh。If, Bliss met with nothing but a debt, then who you want to repay what I Caigan Xin Fang?Is such a rub shoulders, but also long after it was met Kiyonaga。Laughing at heart, these days?This Sansei fireworks, the end is chaos Bliss, a negative consonance。      Second moment Lianqian in mind: If I zoned for the prison, could you circle the slightest Bliss?    I stepped on the same pace, to coincide with your arrival。Who touched my moist lotus?Who hides in wait pregnant again, hovering outside the streamer?I think I can understand a person chose the return of peace of mind, because, finally escaped too tired。So, Red Dust displaced too long for you, if also have to remember the lotus?  I was at that moment on the stone lotus, you nicks, I open attitude。Or Smart dull, claustrophobic or in full bloom, displaced term of years, Seoul heart where required, both mental imagery is not true。Seal all my sadness, taken together palm, carved gentle fondly。  Have been thinking, if the stone lotus, whether Huakaibubai?Repair heart into stone, carved lotus Who?To which open into the lotus posture, will be eternal?Perhaps, only stone, this attitude can be deduced。So, do a right Shek Lin, the solidification, joy。Let the memory of the warm, in the years to come empty seats to be, with the coldest attitude to love。  For a moment of brilliant and gorgeous bloom, repair how many years?Another faint incense, wrapped in the fingertips。Across pairs of life is, Delicate, pale blue。Perhaps only one begins to ache engraved, before it bears the imprint did not forget, and, once open attitude。At your fingertips, freeze all my memories。  Should did not meet, the more wonderful。No amount of love affair, is not relevant。However, the pain again, the same would smile blessing, reverently。Since then, I am a stone lotus, freezing all the concepts, all the emotional silence。And Zhuo almost vanish almost a situation, where also?Sushi also cover unfinished causal。If the compensation of pain can heart, mentioning。Good early morning, to avoid disputes regeneration。So far, then why spend all strength。  This night, the days of next month, cold glow, pervasive。Some fine idea, light as cool earth fingertips。The wind is up, but it is for whom, Loving wandering?In this turn of it, enough, the security horizon, do not Qiannian。Bliss when is it a dream, woke up more than just miserable, alone。If I'm sad, it is illusion。  However, not told me how delighted?After that free circulation lifetimes, you stand in front of me again。If you have been, never left。