US bombing suspects lifetime exposure to be recorded with the last suicide bomb

Marc Anthony Ken Dite (Source: ABC) United States Austin, Texas, police confirmed 21, Austin serial bombing suspect e-mail has committed suicide early that day。 Police suspect left on the phone and found a long period of time of 25 minutes recording。
In the recording, the suspect pleaded guilty and said seventh bombs to suicide。
He also encountered a lot about the life of what you did not go well。
  According to ABC (ABC) reported that 21 evening local time, Austin police held a news conference, said the bombings suspect Marc Anthony Ken Dite (MarkAnthonyConditt) for what he had done made her confession in the phone recording, Further details of the production process of the bomb, and the same and different place bomb 7。   Ken Dite in the phone recording that he felt the police were able to surround him。
Police said he did not mention in the recording terrorism or hatred, but about some things in life, they think that this recording is a young life encountered strong protests challenging issue, but also let Kindi special took the main reason of no return。   Ken Dite details the differences between he produced six bombs, and he said that when police surrounded him, he will use the first seven bombs blew himself。   Police said Ken Dite might be buried more bombs before he committed suicide, so the city still remain vigilant。
  It is reported that Ken Dite unemployed dropped out of university at home, temporarily or motive a mystery。 After the explosion incident, the police use store surveillance cameras, cell phone signals and other information to identify the witnesses to strange attire he used to appear in stores。 21 am local time, police found Ken Dite in a hotel located on the northern town of Austin's, when police try to arrest him, Ken Dite car fled。 Ken Dite drove into a roadside ditch, when the police close, Ken Dite in the car bomb detonated。 Police said the crime is not temporarily unclear Ken Dite alone。   Police also released a number of Ken Dite personal information。
It is reported that Ken Dite is a 23-year-old white man, he was educated at home, according to a neighbor introduced。
Between 2010 and 2012, he entered the Austin Community College to learn, but the school said the spokesman, Ken Dite did not graduate。   Since March 2, Texas 6 successive explosions or deflagration incident, which occurred in 5 Austin。
Series of bombings killed two people were killed, many injured。
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