Note anti-motion sickness motion sickness What food

What precautions motion sickness?Life, many people will be motion sickness, so the car became a problem, then you know what precautions you have motion sickness?Following small to talk about with you what precautions motion sickness, what does。 Notes car motion sickness, do not eat too much before the boat, airplane, do not eat greasy food, eat some easily digestible food early。
Car, boat, airplane choose a well ventilated front row seat overlooking the eyes, face forward, or turn a blind eye do not look out the window fleeting thing。
Maintain a happy mood, calm psychological suggestion will not motion sickness, remember the good times and happy thing, listen to music, and chat。 1 anti-motion sickness food.Mustard color, flavor and taste, a lot of people not only as a dish adorned the lower level, the trip also like to bring a two packs, on the one hand refreshing aperitif, lift the journey Laofa; On the one hand, I feel dizzy ride can ease the tightness mustard and other symptoms of motion sickness, and even called it "natural dimenhydrinate"。
Therefore, I usually motion sickness, long trips to carry a point mustard, will be able to drive in while enjoying the beauty of the harvest good mood and healthy body, too。 After eating mustard can add some vitamin?Foods, such as fresh vegetables, fruits, red dates, kiwi, oranges, etc.。 Secondly, there is now on the market a lot of mustard salt intake of 10-15 grams per day, not only will not produce too much salt intake problem, but also because mustard contains a lot of potassium and fiber, can play to prevent high blood pressure and other cardiovascular cerebral vascular disease, constipation, colon cancer。
Notice of motion sickness 2.About one hour before the car Orange, fresh orange peel surface outward, inward fold, and then pressing two fingers at the two nostrils, the skin will be sprayed with a mist also fragrant。
Inhalable more than 10 times, the car en route to the same law also smell smoke at any。
3.Ginger slices fresh ginger traveling en route, packed in small plastic bags carry, ready to put in the nose following news piece when riding public transport, the pungent flavor nasal inhalation。 Ginger can prevent motion sickness, ginger is that it can absorb the role of gastric acid, to prevent nausea。
Ginger can also be attached to the navel and the inside of the wrist Neiguan and wrapped with Huoxuezhitong cream fix, this family therapy after extensive trials, have excellent efficacy against nausea caused by motion sickness。 4.5-10 minutes before the car vinegar, drink a cup of warm water plus a few drops of vinegar, the way will not motion sickness。