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  Beijing on March 18, Cavaliers on the road to defeat the Bulls 114-109。   Cavaliers (40-29) return to the position of third in the East。 LeBron – James triple-double, 33 points, 12 assists and 12 rebounds, Jeff – Green 21 points, Andrew – Zizic 14 points and six rebounds。 Jordan came off the bench – Clarkson went 4 9 three-pointers, scored 19 points。   Bulls (24-45) almost comeback。
Denzel – Valentin scored a career-high 34 points, seven rebounds and six assists, Cameron – Payne 13 points and 10 assists, Paul – Gypsy 11 points, Christian – Philip Theo 10 points and 10 rebounds。 Bobby off the bench – Portis had 15 points and 15 rebounds。
  Knight has lost his place in the eastern part of the third, the Pacers are preempted。
But this game is in progress, the Pacers have lost, Knight returned to third place。
A small gap between the two sides, the knight in the rest of the game was still hard for this position。
  Knights suffer serious injuries, only nine people today can go into battle。 Even coach Taryn – Lu also sidelined due to illness, assistant coach Larry – Drew spot command。 [] [] Even in the face of the Bulls has been eliminated, the Cavaliers played very hard, the first half they can achieve double-digit advantage, but the second half was frantic comeback。   The first section of the middle, Zizic grabbed the offensive rebound, after tipped succeeded, leading the Cavaliers to 24-17。
Bulls hit two consecutive three-pointers, and instantly close the gap。 The two teams played inextricably in this section, the Knights in the final 2 minutes and 55 seconds in this section only 1 minute, leading only 32-31。   Knight outbreak in the second quarter, Clarkson third consecutive hit, they hit a wave of 16-0, in one fell swoop to 48-31 obtain 17 points of advantage。 Bulls make most of the main rest – Chris Dunn and Zach – Lavin, who were both sidelined。 Still, they played very tenacious, once chasing the score 50-59, but they last 2 minutes of this section only 2 points, the first half to 52-69 behind。
Cavaliers to 37-21 win in this section。   Knight's ability to control the situation worrying, was the third fight back。
There are 4 minutes 36 seconds, Green hit one, Knight also lead to 78-67。 Portis hit the third, the Bulls shot a wave of 10-2, only to 77-80 behind。 Knight had 16 points in this section, the first three quarters only 85-81 a slight advantage。
  Bulls in the fourth quarter to tie a few degrees。 When the game 1 minute 41 seconds, Penn thirds vote, will lead into 105-105。 James feint ball to the left corner of Clarkson, who hit third and cause foul, vote with a penalty scored 4 points, leading the Cavaliers to 109-105。   The key vote was a bull cap, turn the ball to James and the Cavaliers, he forced the cast hit, leading the Cavaliers to 111-105, and finally seal the victory。