American middle class moved inland urban housing prices are the main cause of migration

BEIJING, Aug. 21, according to Singapore's "Lianhe Zaobao" reported 21 Americans migrated in the past are often in search of better job opportunities, or even a warmer climate。However, in recent years, more and more Americans move, in search of cheaper homes。Compared with 2007, now housing prices as the main reason for the migration of people than more than doubled。  "New York Times" reported that the US population now the fastest-growing city, those housing prices much lower than the national average of place, and this the beginning of this century the opposite case。At that time, people can easily get loans, housing prices are not required to consider when to buy a house, the fastest-growing population of urban housing prices in general will come higher than the national average。  US Census Bureau data show that the residents of those migrate over 800 km, the self-proclaimed home of factors because people moved up from 8 percent in 2007 to 18% in 2014。They listed the reasons include a desire to have better and newer house, at the same time be able to purchase a home at an affordable price, rather than rent an apartment。  Rising rents, and the difficulty apply for mortgages, these middle-class residents to live in the coastal city, they have moved inland to the city of reasons。  Since 2011, Oklahoma City's population growth will surpass many big cities。In addition, the loss of thousands of the city in the past 25 to 34-year-old young each year, but now it has become a big magnet to attract these young people。  Cartoonist Lopez in the attic apartment rental Oklahoma City is even cheaper than his rented garage in Los Angeles。Trammell and his group of about dozens of friends moved to Oklahoma from California cities of San Diego, he spent in the suburbs to buy a 3300 square feet of US $ 260,000 Housing。  He said: "It's just the opposite with the gold rush of the year。"Other because of low prices to attract more people moved to the local cities include: El Paso, Texas, and San Antonio, the city of Columbus, Ohio, and Little Rock, Arkansas。  Redfern president of network real estate brokerage firm, said Kelman, when he founded the company in mid-2006, thought the booming coastal property market will prosper。  He said: "Now is the best place in the central region of our business。We in Houston, Dallas, Denver, hire staff never enough, all of our customers are from the same place, is the airport。"He pointed out that during the formation of the US housing bubble, even the low-income people can get loans to buy expensive house。However, it is not easy to obtain loans, coupled with stagnant wages, which pose a greater impact on the middle class。  He said: "People have no choice, they can not move across the street, had to move to other (low prices) location。"