Zibo Folk Culture Research Association was founded to save endangered folk

  Zibo City Folk Culture Association Inaugural Meeting of Zibo City, the first session of the folk culture day seminar held in Zibo, Shandong, will study folk customs, folk art, folk architecture, dialect and folk heritage legacy as the main research, dig Zibo excellent ideas inherent in traditional culture, humanistic spirit, ethics, save endangered folk, cultural heritage Qi。
  High school students, said Qi had been "Five Hegemons first, Warring States Crown", now Linzi district in Zibo City had up to 800 years time as the capital of Qi。 Houli culture, beixin culture, Dawenkou culture, Longshan culture, Yue Shi and other prehistoric culture appear here, rich cultural heritage。
  "Chinese folk culture is the crystallization of the wisdom of working people for thousands of years, but due to historical reasons, folk culture is under attack, many valuable cultural heritage has been lost or endangered。
"High school students told reporters, Zibo has a long history, famous celebrities, but most of them drowned in the river of history。 In "For example, Li Wen Fortuna sly ancestral information only in the early Republic of China" Zichuan county "and Handan belongs" Quzhou County "," Quang Binh's history "has mentioned。 "Foreign Cultural Relations Bureau of the Ministry of Culture, former deputy director Chen expressed strenuously to folk culture as the representative of Chinese traditional culture is the lifeblood of the spirit of the Chinese nation, has a wide, lasting effect and impact on people's production and life, in the course of the study inheritance and innovation combined requirements of the times, allowing Zibo folk culture, traditional culture and to promote regional Chinese traditional culture of creative transformation, innovation and development。