Amidst the Red, who promised me dressed in plus body warmth?

Autumn to keep the pace of the past, of time standing on the other side, in the half-dark light and shadow which Mama I walked carefully to find the traces of my life。    Looking back at the fleeting shallow, laugh at those sweet, vivid those at Dimei made me distracted ecstatic, how I want to stay in this time of the season, stay for some time silent, listening to dream of Bliss Fine。    Homecoming, not the old legend who wrote the Maple side?That a shower of petals withered, fixed in this life who eyes?Touch the years of cold-blooded, sunny daylight, already full tilt into a curtain of sadness, I do not know since when, my smile glued wet mask。    Through the deserted streets, I found that the memory of yesterday has become a familiar silhouette streamer, can no longer catch up。That year, when falling maple leaves, heart, followed the fall Durian, broken hearts, shattered some, some convert to dust。。。。.. On that fleeting scrolls, carved drip clear memory before you the way I handle the line, there, never to leave agreement, but, blurred encounter, after all, destined to miss the blossom of reincarnation, night long vain thoughts, now downstairs sunset, silhouette Han Dan, the mirror has a non-Yen yesterday。Frivolous past years, the Red in the oath, but that is only a dream, that Lvfeihongshou Acacia poem, as well as the Millennium ink dye elegance chapter, all go down after you turn billowing Changlang。    My fingertips solo sad, Ann Bliss done gradually cool warm。    Lonely ecstasy, is a silent rhyme song, I have become haggard after years of twists and turns, the vicissitudes of life。Who can understand that waiting behind the lonely pale?Have lamented yesterday tenderness such as the East PASSING, the wind had not know old Yung。    Years of change, can be a bustling city, but also allows a city to ruins。Looking back over the years and wanted to grip a ray of truth, and the interpretation of the old days of shortage; miss, twist a finger once, and relaxed and a total length of day; I miss, through the shadow ray of happiness residual writing a security warm, who knows, today glide palm, or a cold chill。    Pro, if, in this life you and I do not carnal, is not it will not be gazing at the sea, placed in the warm heart will not float out of thin cold?If, in this life we are not separated, it is not a stranger would not be opposed, corner placement will not play the lute heart-breaking?Do you know, my last year at the time of a maple leaf falling, Susan poetry, Cheng pulls the bustling, lonely all the rest of his life as a ray of Yin Qingshuang on the leaves, and then, according to Jiang looked into the distance, looking forward to have a only in my geese flying over the sky?    Drank last night that the remaining cup of red wine, Candle tears, Yuning choke。Honey, even if you are far away in the horizon, I Acacia tentacles will still cross the distance in an instant you feel the breath of the heart, I know, this life I was destined to grow old in a craze in。    Today, after quarter fireworks Allure, darling you will not be by my side。My way of life, and then you see Pina, if fleeting shadow, so I can only mouth, Cheng pulls dream, wandering alone in the misty rain Red。The years to come, I will have makeup gesture, walk in the Red, recital Half a barren and desolate, Writing quarter quarter sad and lonely romantic……    I remember you said, mountain stream seek Concert, in order to meet the wheel, we is the legendary Ya and sub-period。Now, you sigh, I took my laughter, perhaps, time Fit, the flowers fall, I can only be your fate arrange a shadow。Jian bonds of a shadow off, shake off a window light Lan's mind, belong to our happiness, is lost in the situation from the end of the line, the lopsided……    South fireworks, street north of the flowers, the bridge from the song, all, all in silence turned into dust。Pro, maybe we can not go back。    Let me choose, make only fleeting memories become my life, keep looking far, do not bother you that peace; let me choose, depending on the window in memory, Qingming left hand, right hand poetry volumes, in every season you go through, the Keeper fond, with an elegant heart together for the past about you over the years。Rest of his life, I would like to hand leaves a feeling of loneliness, painting a full moon in mind, silently Acacia。    If the word is a dream, then I would like to do research gentleness, as you put pen to paper Allure……    Glass of wine, drunk a map。Line tears fall quietly, heart, doomed in this life wandering……    Amidst the Red, who promised me dressed in plus body warmth?