The top ten mobile phone manufacturers teamed up to launch applications faster: to prove safety micro letter applet

March 20, millet, ZTE, Huawei, Jin, Lenovo, Meizu, Nubia, OPPO, body, plus a total of ten mobile phone manufacturers held a joint press conference started fast application standards, mobile phone manufacturers information and communication with China in Beijing Institute, telecommunications terminal industry Association, China software industry Association and hundreds of well-known enterprise network applications to join the festivities to witness the arrival of the new eco-mobile applications。
The conference, ten mobile phone manufacturers jointly issued the fast application and related standards, and with the Chinese Academy of ICT, telecommunications terminal Industry Association, China Software Industry Association jointly launched the fast application of standards and immediate application of ecological Union, released at the meeting on behalf of developers and handset makers to discuss the future of fast and applied ecology。 To create a fast application of new eco-business market ushered in new opportunities for quick application is based on the new mobile hardware platforms of Applied Ecology, at the press conference, members of the Union as a number of mobile phone manufacturers to make a quick interpretation of the standard applications from four aspects: quick application user scenarios and demand, rapid application of ecological and open platform introduction, quick application of technical solutions and fast application traffic planning。
First, the user of mobile phone manufacturers scene and demand application distribution platform applications quickly from lack of early applications has developed into a sound and mature application market, the user through the browser or connect a PC to download and install the application。 With the mobile phone hardware upgrades, data and algorithms improve, scene recognition and recommendation intentions user requirements can be achieved by artificial intelligence, in addition to providing mobile phone service outside the machine, with greater expansion in the vertical space in the class scene。
The current developer pain points it is clear that the long tail download applications become the bottleneck, the lack of correlation between the APP, the long path to the user's decision-making, etc.。
Fast application gives a new solution, enabling the product capabilities, resources vendors and developers rights aspects。 Fast application allows users to Click-to, including the ability to provide the account, pay, push, etc., native-like experience, and development costs are much lower。 Scene fast application to expand the user can touch up the chain to shorten the line, the user can also connect the phone lines and scenes, such as through the line directly into the scene, to meet customer needs in line。
Hardware vendors based on the underlying hardware system is the ability to quickly apply more resources to the entrance, in addition to the notification bar, and a negative one screen of information flow, vendors also support search portal, including search and search internal and external applications。
Combination of artificial intelligence and fast application can create more intelligent scene recognition, permission to call the hardware features, such as a variety of payment scenarios entrance。 Application developers also quick to service providers under the new empowerment, linkage to open up the entrance scene online and offline, to achieve accurate data-driven advertising on the hardware platform, and ultimately business retention and conversion。
Quick application of ecological construction strategy is user-centric, the use of flow through the improvement of the user, improve user information utilization efficiency, thus reducing redundant operations, to better meet user intuitive touch-up service, improve developer retained business transformation。 Second, the rapid application of ecological and open platform introduced in mid-2017 survey data show that the current mobile application market dividend disappear, stock management, focusing head and many other issues, developers and users of the pain points are obvious, fast application to build ecological potential imperative。
Fast and efficient application of connecting users to the content and services, low cost, good experience, rich scenes, high conversion and high retention characteristics, without having to download, Click-to-achieve 100% conversion rate。 Fast application standards organization is jointly sponsored by the ten major mobile phone manufacturers, with the national industrial policy-oriented, user demand-driven, to achieve the lowest cost access through a unified standard developers build fast Applied Ecology。 Fast application development interfaces, the ability to access, developer services and other aspects of the construction of a standard platform to the ecological model of open platform for individual developers and corporate developers all categories。 In addition, the hardware vendor has a huge user base and rich scenes of entry, to provide sufficient flow to support developers, users and developers committed to win-win situation, whereby the general trend, the industry has been leading developers, there are nearly one hundred developer case and there are some excellent。
Fast open platform designed to create a unified portal applications faster, achieve the developer's an upload, line ten manufacturers。 In the fast open platform, developers have complete documentation, tools and forum support, in addition to standardized fast application release process, the future will open developer support services, such as push notifications, account access, pay access, data services Wait。
Third, the application of technology to achieve fast current mobile end user and developer pain points, and the two existing ecological – have a great relationship and technical characteristics of web applications: Web missing a lot of interfaces, resulting in a complete service functions can not be done, and because technical limitations and historical baggage, performance experience is poor; and for the application, issued a one-time characteristics cause the waiting time is too long to download and install, the user experience worse, leading to a lack of connection between the applications tend to form application island。
Fast application uses a new technical solution to solve these technical shortcomings, with a feature-rich, high performance, namely point-use, interoperability, etc., as well as strong retention and the ability to avoid fragmentation version。 Rapid application development using the front-end technology stack, operating efficiency and development efficiency to achieve a good balance, and a lot of front-end code resources can be directly multiplexed。
Rapid application development model closer to the front end of mainstream thinking, using the MVVM pattern templates plus data binding, JS supports the standard syntax for higher rendering performance and ease of use of CSS and tag some tailoring and expansion , the overall cost is very low learning。 Although the use of front-end technology stack, but fast application does not use the operating mode of traditional browser kernel, but by a new engine, will provide systems native rendering mechanism and the ability to interface to the upper application, making ability and experience fast application basically the same native application。
Through this engine, fast application can use a lot of system capabilities include hardware, including, but also integrates a lot of service capabilities, such as push, accounts, payments, and other statistics。