Black Friday Which strong overseas shopping Mak Tesco service protection

If the two-eleven is the online shopping carnival, then Black Friday is the day shopping spree abroad。 According to reports, the annual shopping spree with foreign day "Black Friday" approaches, the mother of cross-border electronic business platform wheat Tesco also dishing out big move, all imported goods preferential far beyond the domestic double eleven, in addition, the mall also plans to launch Thanksgiving 0 yuan purchase of big back in the "Black Friday" the day。
With the improvement of cross-border shopping in recent years, more and more domestic consumers, "Black Friday" concept no longer strangers。 A few years ago, domestic consumers for "Black Friday," the impression is also limited to news reports of foreigners waiting in line shopping。 Today, network development and convenient logistics makes most people use mobile phones can be snapped together with foreigners。
The wheat Tesco at other electricity supplier of the "Black Five" and other activities different from that wheat Tesco in the same industry to promote the concept of devaluation dual Thanksgiving "Black Five" and the combination of Thanksgiving, "because the day after Thanksgiving the first day, but also to force foreign annual national shopping trend, we want to knot the two phases, so that domestic users to Thanksgiving and 'black Five' these days to save a lot of money by our concessions。 "Mr Tesco platform the person in charge。 It is reported that, compared with traditional sea Amoy, wheat Tesco take overseas direct mail and Free Trade Zone business model, since its establishment 10 years, is designed to introduce more foreign brands to domestic users, to ensure that fresh baby food from around the world the first time to reach the consumer hands。
At the same time the "Black Friday" buying activity combined with the concept of gratitude, intended to provide to domestic consumers high-quality international famous brands of pregnant baby, back to consumers more effectively profit sharing。 It is understood that wheat Tesco "Black Five" overseas shopping carnival activities will be held November 25 onadvance until November 28 "Black Five" that day, recommended on the event page "triple surprise" to create more new and old members intuitive online shopping experience for the environment。 Insiders pointed out that well-known major cross-border electricity providers have resorted to all kinds of foreign festival marketing gimmick visible aspect of cross-border electricity supplier fierce competition, on the other hand has really offer consumers see the benefits, but also expect major cross-border electronic business platform from the traditional mode of price wars, in the category of overseas products, quality, service three core aspects of a solid upgrade。 (Li Li)。