Zuckerberg Adds Female Ding Wang spent her childhood magic

  [World Wide Web Roundup] Recently, the founder of Facebook (Facebook) Adds Zuckerberg female Ding。
Local time on August 28, Zuckerberg welcomed his second daughter came into this world on Facebook。 Zuckerberg couple more decisions to her birth month of August (August) for her name。
  Hong Kong East network reported that, and the year before December eldest daughter Chen Mingyu (MaximaChanZuckerberg) at birth, as Zuckerberg couple also wrote an open letter to his sister。 They said in the letter, he is optimistic about the world after her daughter grew up living, but said this could be a serious world, so they should how to spend magical childhood in this letter talking about his daughter, and each person will have an opportunity to make children, her daughter will grow up very busy, so the child should spend more time to enjoy playing, enjoy sleeping, dreaming enjoy。
  Zuckerberg also posted the text published in the latest family portrait, not enough for two year old sister Mingyu seemed curious about her sister, her sister played with the feet。
Zuckerberg has said before, according to the company will ask for two months paternity leave policy, and will be separated in two parts holiday, the first part would be born the daughter of the first month, the second part will only put in December。