Vitamins?What are the different fruits and vegetables and?

Vitamins?It plays an important role on the human body, its main source of fruits and vegetables。
Some people think, usually as long as we take some vitamins?Tablets, do not eat fruits and vegetables, can achieve the same effect。
In fact, this practice does not make efficient use of human and sometimes counterproductive vitamin C ^。 So, the difference between fruits and vegetables and what does?Vitamin C in food is absorbed by the body ^ upper small intestine。 Once absorbed, it is distributed to all the water-soluble structure in vivo, normal adult body of vitamin C ^ metabolically active pool of approximately 1500mg of vitamin C, and the maximum storage peak 3000 mg of vitamin C ^。
Under normal circumstances, vitamin?In most of the body by metabolism to decompose oxalic acid or ascorbic acid-2 in combination with sulfuric acid to form sulphate excreted in the urine; another portion of the urine can be discharged directly from in vitro。 Found in fruits and vegetables in natural vitamin C, and synthetic vitamins?Compared has an advantage can not be ignored, that is present in many fruits and vegetables, vitamin C ^ are two substances, namely vitamin?P in combination with the state of Vitamins。
In human tissues, vitamin P vitamin can help?Play a role。 And synthetic vitamin C ^ is the pure drug formulation, which is far better than the effect of natural vitamin?。 In addition, vitamin?Tablets often larger amount, such as long-term use may generate a large amount of oxalic acid in the body, become the material basis。 And vitamin C fruits, vegetables ^, does not make excessive urinary oxalate。 Is generally believed that a daily intake of 10 mg of vitamin C, can prevention and treatment of scurvy。
However, considering the vitamin C ^ vulnerable to damage, so China's development of the RDA to be slightly higher。
General daily supply amount of: 75 mg adult men and women 70 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg nursing mothers, children calculated according to body weight slightly higher than the proportion of adults。
According to this standard, it is fully replenished from the diet, because fruits and vegetables vitamins?Content, are generally rich。 The citrus Hectogram vitamin C117 mg, jujube 540 mg, 87 mg, 35 mg of strawberry, Brassica juncea 83 mg, shepherd's purse 80 mg, 77 mg garlic。
In other words, if healthy people eat more than half a catty of vegetables and fruit every day, you can achieve normal physiological requirements。 Therefore, in addition to vitamins?A serious lack of foreign patients, who should try to healthy dietary vitamin C ^。