Atletico Missing Gun fancy Juventus King

Gelieziman move to Barcelona rumors intensified, while at the same time, "Daily Mail" reported that someone take Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone and Di Bala appear at the same restaurant。
Since Gelieziman possible move to Barcelona, Atletico Madrid we have to consider the vacant position after the French leave。
They spotted playing for Serie A giants Juventus striker Paul – Di Bala, he Gelieziman similar style, the same left foot, is also found between the attacking midfielder position to center。
Indicated in the message, Simoni and Di Bala was seen playing at the same restaurant, but it is not known whether eating on the same table。
If Atletico Madrid decided to introduce Di Bala, then they may have to pay the club's record transfer fee。 The previous record was created in 2011 when signing Falcao, the transfer fee of 40 million euros, later this year Diego – Costa break (65 million euros)。 Juventus Di Bala as the price for one hundred million euros。 If Gelieziman eventually leaving the team, his transfer fee price not less than 80 million euros, while the cap space after he left the band may be sufficient to Atletico Madrid kicked out of high-tech Dibba。
Diba La willing to move to La Liga in collaboration with fellow Argentine Diego Simeone。 Currently Diba La Juventus annual salary of seven million euros。