Jingdong cloud strategy help implement the investment northeast Northeast grand start

  Deputy director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Information Office network Sunyao Wu, Qu Jingdong, vice president of the Sichuan Group, vice president of Jingdong Group Du Zhengping, chairman and party secretary Liu Yuping network Longjiang, Longjiang Ma Xin, general manager of network and other relevant leaders and guests attended the meeting。
  According to reports, Jingdong has the industry value chain, the longest, the best big data (BigData), also using cloud computing (cloud computing) the most thorough business。 Qu more Chuan, vice president of Jingdong Group, said in his speech: "2017 Annual Jingdong Group officially established the 'unbounded retail' strategic ambitions and 'building blocks enabling' future, at the same time, ABC technology development strategy will become Jingdong cooperation with foreign countries in the future the core technology enabling the。
"He said, Jingdong will be wide open to cloud resources within the group output, power and data, and various industries and enterprises in Heilongjiang and partners to create, share value, promote industrial upgrading and transformation in Heilongjiang with technological innovation and practice。 Longjiang advantages in resources and the combination of technical experience and Jingdong cloud in a modular form platform, enabling comprehensive ecological Heilongjiang industry, to create a new model of development industries with local characteristics。   Ma Xin, general manager of Longjiang network fully affirmed the bilateral cooperation, and refers to: "At present, Heilongjiang Province, is in the development period of the rising channel and the full development of the northern province, are in artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing and other fields huge expansion and construction space。 Longjiang network through the cloud and Jingdong joined forces to jointly implementing strategies for digital service related industries by leaps and bounds, Heilongjiang Province, to promote cultural, technological, economic and business safe, high quality and efficient development。
"After the signing, the cloud and Jingdong Longjiang network will further play their respective advantages, promote sharing of complementary resources and further promote big data, supply chain and other areas of cooperation, and establish a stable comprehensive strategic partnership to build new capacity to create new ecology。