Different wife cake practice several approaches

6, the kneaded good pastry, slightly compressed, from the middle to both ends of the roll into an oval。
7, by the rolled up, shut down sequentially arranged five minutes relaxation 1。 As shown, the pastry 90 degrees to 8, is slightly compressed by hand, and then from the middle to both ends of the oval roll。
9, by the rolled up, shut down, the slack 20 minutes。 10, the slack take good pastry, pressing the ends to the middle, the stuffing packet。
11, spheronization, shut down, the slack 20 minutes。 12, slightly pressed into a flat circular shape, draw a three hole on the surface, the brush egg, sesame sprinkle。 13, 180 degree oven bake 25 minutes。 Practice five materials: flour, glutinous rice flour, butter, sugar, wolfberry fruit, raisins, eggs (egg yolk), the amount of water。 Method wife cake approach 1.The 500 g flour, 80 g peanut oil, and 200 grams of water into the basin and into the dough。 Taken, put the case kneading board, covered with a damp proofing 10 minutes。 2.The flour 500 g, 250 g peanut oil, down the board by hand into the dough repeatedly rub。
3.The package 1 on 2, 3 roll stack, and volume growth, the agent (in small portions)。 4.Glutinous rice flour, sugar, butter, wolfberry fruit, raisins made fillings。 5.The sub-agent (3 parts by carve small good) roll into leather, filling the bag, made of round, oval by hand into a green cake wobble plate with a toothpick on the tie holes, brush on eggs。 6.The green placed in a 180 degree oven baked Serve。