Silicon Valley shared bicycle LimeBike plan to catch up with China's Mount OFO and worship

According to CNBC news sites, headquartered in California, no pile shared bicycle company LimeBike announced the completion of a $ 50 million financing to accelerate its promotion in 30 cities and campuses across the United States this year。
In March this year, LimeBike announced $ 12 million financing。 LimeBike company's plan is to go beyond the Chinese cycling giant Morgan Stanley shared worship and OFO。
After China opened up in both shared a single game, and successfully entered the US market。
It is reported that, thanks to Mount OFO cycling and cycling Tencent and Alibaba to get up to $ 1 billion investment。
OFO and MOBIKE of cycling, the United States is a new battlefield。
In August this year, OFO in Seattle, Boston and Washington, DC suburb launched bike sharing service; in September this year, thanks in Mount Washington, DC, launched a shared bicycle service。
Its major US rivals LimeBike the first time this year in June at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro campus launched a shared bicycle service, then quickly launched its service in 20 places。
, LimeBike weekly small green car users are increased at a rate of 50% From the data, there are currently more than 250,000 users and 10,000 bicycles at the end of December, this figure will become one million users and 50000 bicycle。
LimeBike co-founder TobySun said that in the first running of the Seattle bike sharing, use the first week reached 10,000。 According to statistics from the US National Urban Transit Association (NationalAssociationofCityTransportation), where most of the area number of shared bicycle trips, New York, Greater Washington, DC, Miami, Chicago, and Greater Boston, DC。 With the popularity of shared bicycles, analysts predict that more and more passengers will choose to share cycling trip。 CNBC reported that, in the face of China shared access to powerful financial giants OFO bicycle and bicycle access to the US market thanks to friction, LimeBike company has just completed a $ 50 million B round of financing, which investors have Yahoo founder Jerry Yang AMECloudVentures, former Google investors Marris (BillMaris), Stanford STARTX Fund, described as "fine grain foot soldiers."。
Well-known investment firm Anderson Horowitz Fund (AndreessenHorowitz), a partner, said: "LimeBike the Chinese cycling mode share of 'Americanization' of, LimeBike team has many years of experience in the United States, they know how to develop。 "TobySun said the next step, LimeBike goal is simple, thanks to the international friction and competition with OFO。 However, for LimeBike, the Chinese share of cycling is its two giants "can not bypass Kaner"。 According to CNBC reported, OFO has 10 million bicycles in the world and more than 20 million users, has been expanded in 15 countries and 180 cities, supporters behind Alibaba is based, led by investors, and, compared to small green car from $ 50 million investment, investment OFO obtained is a staggering $ 1.2 billion。
At the same time, and OFO par friction worship nor succeed more so, in more than 100 cities worldwide operations, more than five million bicycles and 100 million users。
Backers including Tencent and other "big brother", the investment reached 10 billion US dollars。
TobySun said the company welcomed the competitors to enter the United States style, because these companies can help China shared-service bicycle passage way into the mainstream。
He also said that he is inspired by Chinese-style shared bicycle service company was set up LimeBike。 Sun pointed out, LimeBike bike is tailor-made for the US market。
It has an ultra rugged aluminum frame, gas leak and special tires developed reflector lamp。
Most market LimeBike bicycle with three gears。
In addition, the company launched a share of cycling in the mountains eight gears more cities。 LimeBike bicycle can support solar charging, which is another great feature is riding a monthly price of 29.US $ 95/100。 Sun said that given the current motorcycle market share relatively young, and therefore, the company's top priority is to rapidly expand market share, followed by the company's profits。