What is the best time to eat vitamin vitamin é é how best to eat

What is the best time to eat?A lot of people will be oral vitamin?Drugs to supplement vitamin E, vitamin that you know?What is the best time to eat it?Following small to talk with you exactly when to eat vitamin é the best of it。
When to eat vitamin é é is one of the best natural vitamins necessary for human body vitamins are fat-soluble vitamins。
There are maintaining, endocrine and other effects。
So natural vitamin é when to eat the best of it but let us first understand the effect of lower natural vitamin é。 It is a powerful antioxidant, has anti-aging, anti-cancer, to maintain the health of a variety of functions。
Can enhance the body's immune system, healthy skin, improve sexual function, anti-aging, maintain skin elasticity, enhance internal organs function to maintain physical strength and energy to have a significant effect。 Because vitamin é drug depends on the intestinal absorption after taking, if the gastrointestinal tract without food, drugs will soon be absorbed into the bloodstream。 Resulting in concentration of vitamin é in the blood, and quickly excreted through the kidneys and urinary tract, vitamin é can not be fully used by the body, greatly reducing the effect of drugs。
And after meals, can be fully absorbed vitamin é。
Vitamins?How to eat the best clinical, the average adult vitamin?Daily dosage, orally 1-3 times per day 10?100 mg intramuscular injection of 5-50 mg per day。
If more than normal doses, can cause a lot of adverse reactions。 Early in excess, causes the body to decreased immune function, some people will dizziness, blurred vision, angular cheilitis, women may occur。
Vitamins?What is the best time to eat late in excess, it may lead to hormonal metabolic disorders induced muscle weakness, women breast hypertrophy, and even lead to breast cancer。
In addition, some people use some vitamins?When beauty products, such as anti-wrinkle cream, beauty cream, when the mask, redness, pimples and other symptoms of contact dermatitis, once the above symptoms, they should immediately stop using。
Therefore suggested that vitamin?Preferably through food supplements, vitamins?Found primarily in vegetable oils, green leafy vegetables, animal organs, beans, egg yolk, fruits, lean meat, such as in。
If you need special supplement should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor。 We all know that vitamin é magic anti-aging is a woman, then the woman vitamin é What good is it to drink small series with a look below。